38 Summer Street Kennebunk Maine Ghosts:

October 31, 2017 My wife and I walked the Kennebunk Maine Halloween Trick or Treat walk with many others and had fun. There were homes decorated up really festive for Halloween and there were actors portraying all kinds of monsters etc.

I came upon the home at 38 Summer built in 1875 which was not decorated or part of the festive evening but still the house just stood out to me and I snapped one photo with my Samsung phone just to the right of a tree. Then I moved to the left side of a tree and took a second one. Over the years of taking Spirit photos I knew to check out each photo just in case something showed up on the photo, but it’s been years and I had moved on from that. But i decided to check anyways and on the first photo I saw nothing out of the ordinary, then on the second one I was looking near a window on the side of the building when i noticed a man’s head and a very faint female’s head very clearly. Not only that but below the heads there seemed to be a word in old style lettering written on the lower trim of the home. Here are the photos showing the before and the after images and a worker at the town clerks office showed me a book where the word that showed in one of the photos looks comparative to a book of Early Kennebunk and some of the styles of writing that was around during the time period.

Photo taken at 38 Summer St. Kennebunk Maine image #1 before Male Spirit showed up on next photo.

38 Summer St. Kennebunk Maine Spirit photo #2 of Male head and faint female near window outside of home.

38 Summer Street Kennebunk Maine larger image of Spirit heads.

Cropped image of the Spirit heads that showed up on the 2017 Halloween night Summer Street walk in Kennebunk Maine

Photo taken the next morning showing no writing on the bottom horizontal paneling that was clearly shown on the image taken the night before.

Here you can see a word written below the spirit heads that does not show in the previous photo.

Photo taken at 38 Summer St. Kennebunk Maine on Halloween night 2017 of Spirit heads and what appears to be a word written below that does not show up on the previous photo.

38 Summer Street Kennebunk Maine – Crop to the right shows the Male Spirit head clearly and the very faint female head just to his left. The crop to the left shows added color to the heads just to show what is already there, just in color and you can see the female Spirit head clearer.

The 4 Spirit Visits From A Friend From Long Ago


Karen Norway Spirit visitation

** The photo was taken by a ex co worker who allowed me to share this online with the public.

I had tried previously a few times to share some dream visitations with a ex co worker of mine in Massachusetts about his deceased wife, but the messages given to me where just not powerful enough to make someone believe. The last dream in August of 2016 was so realistic and powerful enough that even he confirmed that what his deceased wife showed me was valid when she was alive many years ago.

This morning August 24, 2016 I had a dream and like 3 times before with her was a visitation dream from someone I knew personally and worked with many years ago. She unfortunately passed in 2002 and was very sad for many who loved her. Her name is Karen Norway and once every 2 years or so Karen comes to me with a message for her Husband Earl. Today’s was very touching for me as I had tears coming out of my eyes as the dream was confirmed by her Husband Earl from Massachusetts just about a hour ago to me. And my Facebook friend allowed me to share this photo she took of them years ago.

12-20-2013 DREAM– I am sitting at a table and someone in a higher up position where i work was there and so was one of my old co workers who had passed away in 2002. As I was sitting a pc of paper was handed to my deceased co worker and she showed it to me, it was a check. she had told me to sign it up top and in the middle area also and i never looked at it to see really what it was?

Confirmed- At work her husband and myself both received some months later a increase in our Pension that we were not expecting

1-28-2014 DREAM- I was outside and there was a big gathering and i saw some co workers there as it looked like they were drinking. I was sitting at a table with a co worker and his wife who was deceased since 2002. She looked at me and said “you better get that cough checked” i looked at her and i told her i loved her.

Confirmed- I did have a bad cough due to very bad sinus and had gone to the doctor numerous times for it.

12-31-2014 DREAM- I am sitting on a Church Pew with a woman and It was a funeral or church service. We got up and I said “Are you going to say Hello to Karen Norway?” She said “No” and as I looked at Karen she was looking down and was sad.

8-24-2016 Dream- I see Karen sitting at a table eating and when I saw her I went over to her and kneeled down on the floor in front of her and I said “Karen are you really here?” I then said “Please give me a message for Earl that he will understand and I will let him know” Karen then reached in her mouth and pulled out a tooth and put it back in. Then she pulled it out again and then proceeded to put the tooth back in her mouth again. I said to her does this mean Earl takes a tooth in and out of his mouth?

Confirmed- I woke up and then called her husband Earl at work and shared with him the dream and he confirmed that in his life there are major things going on and he confirmed that Karen had 3 teeth that were partials that she could remove and put back in her mouth.

The Visitors from 2007-2012 Are they Back 4 years later?

 It is now April of 2016 and there has been no communication that I have been aware of with anything to do with these beings since my last sighting in 2012.

The other night I experienced a dream that upon awakening I wondered because at one point in the dream I saw a small ship and a large lighted Crystal. The dream became very real at one point till the end and it was then in thinking about it that i started to wonder if they are back? Here is the dream I experienced and I will note in some dreams at some points they have become very realistic at some points within the dream.

4-26-2016- Dream– I am in a room and people are after me and then once the leader got to me the door opened and a bright light was shining through. This large Crystal looking mass with points on it  then appeared and came through the door.


It was at that point the scene changed and I looked up and saw a small 2 foot by 2 foot flying craft appear over head and then I heard a voice say “Lets have fun” and i thought the small craft was going to hurt me as it flew over my head.

Then the voice said “Boy and Girl” or “Boy and Boy” and a solid white wall was put directly in front of my face and I could not talk nor move.

I then felt a touch on my head and then a pop noise like the sound of a nail gun. Then another touch on the other side of my head and the Pop sound the same as the other. I woke up after that dream and it felt so realistic once the white screen was put in front of my face.

4-30-2016- I woke up in the early morning and my Closed eye Clairvoyance started showing me the squiggly images and symbols again, like writings that i had not seen in since we had our visitations some years back.

Psychic Reading About Child Abuse Victim:


 Tonight was Evident as to why doing Psychic/Mediumship readings for people has been the biggest blessing of my life since my Spiritual Development started. Tonight i went over a very brave woman’s reading in which she agreed i could share with everyone here on Facebook. The reading started out as Spirit told me and showed me this. I was told this “plans to fight back” then I heard “I knew that they were doing it”.
Then I saw people running about bedrooms or rooms and i think its about drama. I thought i saw someone running around room to room?
The woman knew immediately that this was about being Molested by her father as a child. She went on to explain later how her mother also became aware of this horror and became involved herself. She explained to me that she does not speak of this at all to anyone but said to me that she knew back in 2011 that there was a reason why I was to be in her life. See i did a question to spirit back in May of 2011 a day after her Birthday and in that I also heard two people’s names that did not make any sense or confirm to the subject i was asking about, yes a child hurt by his parent. But she saw this post and saw that the two names was her father’s name and her son’s name and that resonated with her for some time afterwards. She asked me for a reading back in September of 2015 and has patiently waited until now when i just finished for her and all this came to light with Spirit sharing this so very personal info with her. I honor and cherish anyone in this world who has been molested and abused by family or friends for they are the brave ones and i have met many in my lifetime who have experienced this type of horror.

Dozed off during a Psychic Remote Reading and dream confirm for Person:


I Just recently finished up a Psychic/Mediumship reading for someone and as i layed back to connect for this person I had dozed off during the connection. During that period i had a dream and upon sharing the dream the person confirmed everything that transpired and i never in my life ever had a dream come true in this fashion?
I saw this guy in a building and shown a photo of 2 people hugging closely, Then i saw the guy climb out the window and then jump off the building. Then i was shown the guy jumping off the building and on the second time when on the ground i saw his hand and wrist moving.
This is what she told me- “When I was younger there was a family that lived up the street from me and In the family was 3 sets of fraternal twin boys. The oldest set being my age there names were jake and josh and Josh had a sleep walking problem and one night in his sleep he crawled through his bedroom window and walked off the edge of the roof falling to the ground, His room was on the second story and when he hit the ground He broke his wrist in the fall.

Airplane Dream- Another Prophecy?- Confirmed

There was a period of time where I was getting Jetliner dreams that I posted beforehand here on Facebook 6 PLANE CRASH/ISSUE DREAMS AND THE EVENTS THAT FOLLOWED THEM: 2-14-34-14-20-3 DAYS LATER.

Eventually they stopped as later events with Airliners that would crash or have issues in flight happened and i was not getting them anymore.
Last night i had a jetliner dream where I am driving down the road and i looked up and said that the plane is flying very low and should be going upward as it seemed to be descending coming from from Bradley International Airport and flying over water.I said maybe they are going to land in Westover Airforce base? I certainly don’t know if there will be any plane issues that may force a landing somewhere that hits the news or i hear about from these airports?? I will keep a eye out or maybe…its just another dream….



11-2-2015 i think i know the meaning of the confusion as to why i saw the Passenger airliner descending instead of going up? We just drove to the Charleston South Carolina Airport and what looked like a direct non stop flight on our paper which did not show any other stops than in Maine is in reality a landing in Baltimore first…then on to Portland Maine. I was totally confused on why she said we will be landing first in another state??


My Niece And The Psychic Reading:

My niece was born in 1977 and passed away in 2010 after a tragic situation took her life.The autopsy report said death was from cardiopulmonary arrest due to drug overdose. My wife and I have been visited by her and one night I saw her in a dream and my wife saw her standing near our bed. This was just one aspect of a Amazing reading i got along with extremely private things told to me by my father that were going on in my families life which to me validated this Medium 100%. The afterlife just continues to show that they are around us in all ways if we continue to be open to it.

Ethereal Alien Visitations- Photo Capture and Portal Experience Re Creation

It’s been over 3 years since that amazing portal light show with the being up inside it that i had the amazing honor to of witnessed. I was guided to make this short video and show the photograph that i had taken in 2008 of the Alien looking head in my home, the one i saw in my mind’s eye a few month beforehand. Then i re created a dazzling light show were in 2012 i was shown upon awakening a being in a portal in my bedroom and the strobe lights and sparkle lights that emanated from that hole in my ceiling that the being was up inside. I was fully awake as was my wife and she never saw it as she walked right under all the display

Psychic Message Confirmed About A Possible Dangerous Man And Young Kids:

I just recently finished a Psychic reading for a woman and upon seeing this Clairvoyant message and hearing what I was told I knew something was wrong. I needed to stand back and allow the person to confirm only what i was about to say to her and if so then we could discuss it further. I saw this female coming down a ladder wearing a dress and i could see the view from below her rear end then the Clairvoyant vision ended. Then I heard a mans voice say…..((“That’s why they keep on trusting me”)) I felt it’s something that had to do with kids. In this mans voice he sounded kind of deceiving and confident in the way i heard this told to me. This was the response from the person i gave the reading to about a man. “There is a man who is around younger kids he does not know but goes there with other family members”. “He made a joke about a young girls butt as she was bending over” and “He’s deceiving in the fact that he can make himself seem like a better person than he actually is, the people will trust him because no one really knows who he really is.” We felt this is a very important subject and she told me she will now trust her gut concerning this man who obviously needs to be watched more carefully around younger kids and teens. As with all parents with children…watch them at all times as there are many sick people out there.

My random awake Prophetic Clairvoyant visions: 2 confirmed one waiting – Building Explodes

Every once in a great while i lay in bed and receive a random psychic vision while awake. One happened just before the massive tornado that hit Springfield Massachusetts just miles from where we lived in CT and i was shown police and fire trucks on the highway within 1/4 mile from the tornado path. The other i was shown in 2013 where i saw buildings collapsing in NYC and hours after i posted it here, in Chinatown a massive blast collapsed a building there. Today once again i am shown a building a large one, but from what i saw it didn’t look tall but was big as in wider. Nothing told to me as i only saw the building explode. Unless this turns out to be a terror attack over in the U.S. here soon or something that may be close to my geographical area. If i am shown something like this it would be the 3rd time and both times prior it happened the same day or the day after…will this disaster happen soon? ( Just checked Google and nothing shows up as of right now for any buildings blowing up.)

I posted this on Facebook at 9:30 a.m. on July 1 2015