My dream of Feb 6 2014 where i posted 7 dreams and one where i was with a couple people one of them a kid and we went into this abandoned house. When i went into the kitchen i checked to see if the milk was still good and the boy said he wanted some cereal. I noted on my Facebook that this may be a possible Walking Dead Theme on the 7th. Last night i waited to see if Rick and Carl would enter the abandoned house as i waited with anticipation to see if indeed Cereal would be part of the theme. Rick walked by the fridge and i saw no milk, then after Carl was sitting in the kitchen eating dry cereal in a bowl.

2-6-2014-Dream- I was with some people at a abandoned house and i opened the fridge and saw there were two jugs of milk in there and i wondered if this is still any good? The younger kid said he wanted some Cereal. ( It felt like a scene out of the Walking Dead.)

My post on Feb 7th with mention of possible Walking dead theme.Seven dream themes last night involving1. The 3 snakes theme again.2. My deceased father and the promise i made to him.3. My deceased bird.4. The proud Italians5. The Facebook female i hardly know…..6. Being at work7. The abandoned house….( possible Walking Dead theme).


2-9-2014- Last night i waited to see if Rick and Carl would enter the abandoned house as i waited with anticipation to see if indeed Cereal would be part of the theme. Rick walked by the fridge and i saw no milk, then after Carl was sitting in the kitchen eating dry cereal in a bowl.


2-13-2014- I was in the men’s room and i over heard a co worker complaining and blaming someone, it sounded like I was being blamed. I went over to him on the shop floor and I said look at me I didn’t have anything to do with what happened and he was mad at first.


 2-18-2014- I was setting up 2 machines and the boss came up to me and mentioned something needed done with some jobs and i told him i was setting up at that moment two jobs already and where would i find the time?He said i know who to get in the other Airplane hanger that can do it. Then the guy came out pissed as he had to do the work that i was supposed to do but couldn’t. I told him it wasn’t my fault i was too busy. Then a guy in the other Airplane hanger yelled “hey Todd!” You stamping those parts yet? As to be a wise guy…LOL!!


2-19-2014-I was driving and i saw a policeman aiming a radar gun at me and i pulled over but he wasn’t telling me to pull over. I wanted to speak to him about something and when i slowed down i didn’t remember what it was that i wanted to ask him and he was with a crowd of people at that point and i drove off.


2-23-2014- I was on my way to work early this morning and to my knowledge i was the only one near the lights about a mile from my home. As i turned the corner i saw Police lights flashing in my mirror but i didn’t see anyone else around. My heart jumped and i swore and started to pull over my car and slowed down. But it was not me he was after it was somebody else he stopped so i thought immediately of the dream of how it was not me they were after.


3-21-2014-Dream– The doorbell rang and our realtor came in holding a white pc of paper in his hand and was smiling.

5-7-2014- Our Realtor came today with contract agreement papers to sign as a party is interested in purchasing our home.


 **UPDATE** Dream confirmed

2-27-2014- “I was in the shop at work and some guys i didn’t know were walking by me with tickets in their hands and away from another co worker, they were excited with something about Tampa Bay as my co worker yelled it out! “Tampa Bay”!! “Tampa Bay”!

 Before there was even talk of this hitting the Sports news. I had posted a update on March 6 2014 when it did hit on Espn as there was talk of this being a possible place destination for Revis…. the Patriots. That co worker in my dream is a Patriots fan along with his wife.

3-13-2014- http://espn.go.com/boston/nfl/story/_/id/10597820/darrelle-revis-agrees-new-england-patriots


2-27-2014-Dream– I had heard that one co worker was leaving the company.

3-24-2014- I was told by a co worker that one person who is respected is leaving the company.


2-27-2014- Dream- One of the upper bosses at Corporate came to me and wanted to see a demonstration.

5-15-2014- Its only once in awhile one of the heads of the Corporate Office comes over and takes a customer over to my area where i work, but its a very rare occasion when he comes over and says…Todd can you do a demonstration for us today as he had a woman with him today in the plant.


3-20-2014-Dream–I was in a house looking out the window and i could see planes in the air, then i saw 3 or 4 planes flying. It looked like i was looking at a tv screen because the planes from where i was looking out the window were close to me. I saw one plane do a flip like ones in the Air shows then one of the planes went down and crashed on the ground. I immediately started to run for the door to help at the crash site. I stopped then looked out the window again and it showed a night scene and i could just barely see the people that were around the plane like around 15-20 people standing there.

A nationally-renowned air show pilot who performed death-defying tricks for nearly four decades and was scheduled to be one of the centerpiece acts in this weekend’s New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest was killed in a plane crash Sunday evening March 23 in Eastern Tennessee, officials said.


3 days later  Jim Maroney was fatally injured en route to  the New Smyrna Beach Balloon & SkyFest



3-21-2014-Dream– I was driving behind a tractor trailer and i saw it hitting a slippery patch of ice and it rolled over and i stopped. I watched it as it went into some land along the road and then it hit another vehicle there. I got my phone out and called 911 and said is this the cops? They said yes, then i noticed my vehicle was starting to move by itself and i had to jump into it to stop it. A woman there said hey to me..and noticed the front end of my vehicle and i got out and told her there is not damage to my vehicle?? Then she lifted the hood and fluid was leaking out of the front of it. I then tried to tell the police where i was located and saw a sign on a building that looks like it said Ricks. I then was shown a mans face he had a beard and was wearing a hat.

3-27-2014-Dream I was driving down the highway with Ellen degeneres and a vehicle was in front of us and out the back window two people were looking at us. One of them was showing us Tarot cards as they pressed them up to the window, then one of them took their hands and put them up to us and pushed them outward. This meant to back off or away from them, then out of nowhere a Tractor Trailer truck passed us and went in front of us and rolled over and crashed on the highway. We got out and checked the man and there were no injuries to him as people gathered around.

This was the tractor trailer crash and the two dreams i had of it which caused me to be nervous about driving the highway to work and home everyday as this happened today. some of the points i posted previously about it and some confirms as i continue to try to gain a edge on my Prophetic dreams and to understand them better. Also i think this is the first time i ever had a dream repeat itself and then come true. The last dream i had which eventually had me in a crash on route 291 took 111 days to happen to me.

Facts and non related info pertaining to the dreams and the actual accident

Here are some facts about my 2 dreams of the Tractor Trailer crash on route 291 in Springfield MA yesterday and some non related things i may never understand.

1. I posted on Facebook before the crash that this could happen to me or someone i know or someone on the news, i don’t know? It happened to my Co worker who was directly behind the truck when it rolled over. In the dream i was directly behind the truck when it crashed in both dreams.I was 7 mins behind the crash heading to work when it happened and i heard it on the news when i came upon the traffic backed up.

2. One of the symbols i saw was mentioned when i told the police where i was at and a building was shown to me with the name Ricks on it. This is what i wrote after my dream of 3-21-2014 on my page “I then tried to tell the police where i was located and saw a sign on a building that looks like it said Ricks”.

Ricks Auto body is less than 3 miles away and a friend of mine at work reminded me that the billboard that is on route 291 every year at times has a Ricks advertisement on it and was about a 1/4 mile from the crash.

3. In my first dream i had fluid leaking out of my vehicle, in reality it happened to his truck.
(this was the actual report on the news-The truck driver did not appear to be seriously injured, according to initial reports from the scene. However, the 45-foot-long tractor-trailer he was driving wound up on its side, and it was leaking diesel fuel onto the highway. Hazmat crews were called to help contain the spill.)

4. There were no serious injuries in this accident as was also in the dream.

5. In the first dream the truck went off the road and struck another car=not so in reality.
6.When i was shown Ricks building i saw a man with a beard, the man in the crash had no beard and unless i find a image of the owner of Ricks himself i don’t know this yet?
7. why was Ellen Degeneres with me? probably cause i watch Ellen everyday.
8. The tarot cards i think came from the day before i heard mention of them on a audio interview.

A friend of mine at work reminded me that the billboard that is on route 291 every year at times has a Ricks advertisement on it and was about a 1/4 mile from the crash.



4-11-2014- I was with my deceased dad and he held out his hand and told me “I got a bonus” (may mean i am going to receive some unexpected $$.

4-20-2014- I needed two numbers to over take a person at work to win the pool and i received double 8’s to win the jackpot or the bonus as dad was showing me.


5-6-2014-DREAM– I had a plate of chicken wings and went over to my next door neighbors and gave them some.

5-27-2014- Our neighbor’s gave us some ribs on the grill today and neither of us have done this for over a year.


5-7-2014- Dream- I was walking down the road with one of my Facebook female friends and i looked over to her and i noticed she was not wearing a top. She was naked from the waist up and i noticed something unusual about her breasts and as we kept walking together the singer Barry Manilow came out of nowhere and started singing the song Mandy as two people were hugging.

5-9-2014-My facebook friend and I just discussed this dream i had of her and she confirmed to me that the song Mandy is the song of her life right now and her best friends name is Mandy who has been by her side.She also shared with me that her issue now is her breasts and tests are being done as she had a lump for some time now. Also in this very important discussion was the fact that someone she knows who is psychic also had a dream about her about 6 weeks ago and she was topless next to him also as he mentioned to her he was worried about her. She says she has not been feeling well also over that period of time and this post most importantly suggests that all women should get screenings for your breasts in your life even if you may be scared something may be there i feel its important a subject as anything. I feel so blessed today to be able to share my dream with her and feel such a total love for this woman as i will so pray and put so much of my positive into our friendship and support her anyway i can….love her!!



6-3-2014- I was at a hockey game and two hockey players jumped one of the players on the opposing team as soon as he got onto the ice.

6-3-2014- There was bedlam at a hockey game as fights were breaking out and violence that affected one male guy i saw. One guy laying on the ground next to floor ice and he his was bleeding badly on top of his head. the glass was broken near the bottom and his wife or girlfriend was laying over the top of him to protect him from further injury. There were fights on the ice and more than one person this was incredible.(** Will there be something that happens concerning the L.A. Kings- New York Rangers hockey series where things get out of control?**) Maybe violence after the series???

On 6-3-2014 i posted two dreams of violence at hockey games and the last one showed a man in plain clothes on the ground bleeding bad about the head with glass everywhere and what looked like his wife laying on top of him. I thought this may be violence on the Rangers/Kings series but was not.

On June 13 2014 i posted this and said…”Of course i am calling myself out on one of my dreams and still waiting to see if their will be any violence at a sporting event? Yes i had two hockey dreams showing me this but as some of my dreams go it may not be that sport but another. Or not that person but another. The main theme usually is the exact part when certain things are different in my dreams.”This just happened yesterday with people watching a World cup soccer event on a livescreen?? Could this be the other sporting event i was talking about where there would be violence???



7-16-2014- I saw johnny Depp and Kate Winslet and they were holding up a award for best picture about a skating movie. “Hit me with your best shot”

7-17-2014- My friend Stephanie knew that this dream was about her as she had been told she is not good enough to be a actress and her dream is to be in a movie and win a academy award. Hit me with your best shot she knows is the people around her who are nay sayers. She showed me a photo that she posed like the winning actress.