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Local missing man in Windsor Locks Ct and my dream some weeks before: Is it related or not?

12-19-2013-Dream- I was driving my vehicle and parked in deep water and almost stalled out, but i got it started and drove up this steep hill in a neighborhood. Two men were looking at me as i past them as if to say he is not from around here. The scene changed and i was at a gathering place like a bar or restaurant and i was watching this one guy with a mustache and dark straight curly hair, I knew he had some disability with his mental state and i knew i needed to make sure i was watching him and making sure he was ok. I was looking in the window as he was sitting inside with some people all around and then he was outside.  On the next street over he was with a guy now and they both ran to this light blue pickup truck. A guy near me said “he is getting in the pickup truck” I said i knew it!!!  The pickup drove away with the man inside it and they both were gone.

WINDSOR LOCKS — Police are searching for a 52-year-old man who has been missing since Tuesday evening.

Lawrence McIntosh left his home in Windsor Locks at approximately 6:30 p.m. to pick up some items for a New Year’s Eve gathering and did not return home, police said.

His vehicle was found Thursday afternoon in East Windsor, police said.

Police believe McIntosh may wish to harm himself. A Silver Alert was issued for McIntosh on Wednesday, police said.

McIntosh is described as being 5-foot-10, about 245 lbs. with short brown hair and brown eyes, police said. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a gray jacket and white sneakers.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Windsor Locks police at 860-627-1461.

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