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Theresa finally sees her Clairvoyant images with her eyes open in the daytime:

Had a terrific day today as i have been doing my practice Psychic work with one Facebook friend and receiving some great confirms for her! Little bits at a time but it is worth trying where she is concerned. But i get home and Theresa tells me of her day where she is getting her hair done and her eyes are closed and the woman is washing her hair, but previously a woman in the room was talking about how she likes to dip pretzels in chocolate. Now theresa with her eyes closed sees a pretzel in her eyes with them closed then opens them and There is the Pretzel in the air just hovering. Then she closed them again and saw the pretzel again, but this time the pretzel morphs into a mans head with a mustache. She is going to call the woman she knows and ask her if anyone in her lifetime did that with her when she was younger and lets see if this connects..Feeling elated today if Theresa starts seeing in the daytime her gifts….awesome! … It was just confirmed…the woman called us and said her grandmother used to dip the pretzels in chocolate and not too long ago the salon had a psychic in there and she told her that her grandfather follows her around. Now get this..her grandfather had a mustache…so theresa saw her grandfathers head and the pretzel and now the woman is going to tell her grandma and is so happy…of course Theresa has tears now.

Prophetic Dream of my dad telling me of a Bonus and i won the $$ Pool at work

I posted on April 12  on Facebook a dream i had on April 11 about my deceased dad coming to me in a dream and he put his hand out to me and said ” I got a bonus” well some days ago i hinted at what this would be about as the only thing it could of been was a pool i am in at work. Well i was pretty far back at one point and i said we shall wait and see. Well i started to get closer and i was 3 numbers back when one guy needed one to win. i got within 2 and then tonight i needed double 8’s to win the large jackpot. I told dad if this is coming true dad for my dream i need double 8’s tonight and they came!!! I am so happy but just as equally happy that when my dad comes in my dreams….usually they come true…. 

4-11-2014-Dream– I was with my deceased dad and he held out his hand and told me “I got a bonus” (may mean i am going to receive some unexpected $$).

Spirit’s 2 Confirms

Today was one of the most beautiful, loving confirms that Spirit has given me in some time i actually dropped to my knees and just thanked God for what i was given. Today i was doing my practicing work for my as i call them long distance alone psychic readings for this one person in another country and to the question i was to ask..i was given a answer of a name…little did i know that the name had a much significance to the person involved in a way where the answer was a object that leads to a place of peace. A name that is not very common but the confirm was to me very much the answer this person needed to hear. Now comes the biggest one..i was told by Spirit something today amongst my busy work day but i heard it. When i got home today my wife explained that when she was out at a physical therapy session she left and for some reason she cannot explain took the wrong exit and ended up in another area of town. But in that…this area houses one person whom when she drove by this person’s house she thought ooh this must of happened for a reason. When i got home she started to tell me this experience and that is when i dropped to my knees as i already knew as i was told what was to be told. I told her exactly what i was told by Spirit and she totally confirmed it to me as a unexpected showing of love and and confirm made not to just one person but 3 people involved touched to no end. I love God and Spirit so much i feel so blessed lately that i cannot hold it in.

This was the reply my friend gave to me on my Facebook page today

I received a beautiful message from spirit today, via Todd Sheldon. Thank you so much Todd. But that was only the beginning of it. That simple name started a chain of events for me that have led to this realization.

Now is the time. The Tuatha de Danann want their rightful place in the world to be recognized. They want to be acknowledged as the beautiful, wonderful, magical beings of spirit that they are. They want to be respected as the wise ancestors that they are. And they want us to respect their legacy and ourselves as their heirs. We are here to carry on their work. All who honor that will have their help and support in walking their path.

Clairvoyant images seen by Theresa and what one person feels they are about

I had recently posted about some Clairvoyant images that Theresa saw in our room at night recently and a friend answered me back on what his views were on this and we both feel here it is very compelling in what he told me as we can both resonate and even Theresa feels so at ease knowing what he told us makes so much sense.
Theresa woke up the other night and saw 4 men on horses these are smaller images she saw in our dark bedroom and all of them raised their swords up high. then last night over the window she saw 4 wolf heads lined in a row, then at the opening of our bedroom a shadow figure walks in and Theresa is watching him in our large bedroom mirror as it is standing behind her. Then that one waves another one to come in the room and they are both holding hands. This is what was told to me a while ago and makes so much sense to both of us.

Many people will see the apocalypse in this, but not myself. I see the Four directions (see Native American Four Directions for more), and the Four Elements I sense in this as Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These are coming together for strengths for her at this time. They are very significant. The Swords to me signify strength and truth.The Horse energy brings about change and new horizons. New beginnings. Yet that they come in four is why I think your Wife is getting or needing new energies and enlightenment for all energies in some manner. The fact that four Wolf heads emerge is about Strength, Endurance, Family Connections and never giving up! The Swords about believing in her truth and standing for what she knows is the truth. These totem energies, elements, and signs are very spiritually driven, and are preparing her for what is to come of which I cannot see or that she is now dealing with. She has the strength she needs in this and everything is coming to her that she will need. I am sensing now that the Four Horsemen are about out with the old and in with the new, i.e., the new dawn for her and as it involves you!