Monthly Archives: September 2014

Unfocused and Unbalanced

Its Been since July that i stopped tracking my Prophecy dreams because of our big move to Maine, but also in that constant change since July and not being balanced like i was when i was home in Connecticut with my wife. She moved to Maine, i was still renting a room in Massachusetts and feeling the effects of the homeowner who was in a constant state of emotional distress which of course affected me in my balance. Now that i am home in Maine i really need to get back on track and get refocused on continuing my Psychic Readings for people who are on my list currently. I need to again start tracking my Prophecy dreams again as again i lost two months of that in my life. Though through all this i wonder if now focusing all my attention mostly on giving readings for people with my development will this mean that maybe the Prophetic dreams will slow down more due to the rise in my other Development areas? Time will tell.