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Reiki and Psychic Reading:

I had posted not long ago about my life of moving to another state and getting a new job and leaving one i had worked at for over 28+ years. That took more of a toll out of me going through this process than i care to admit. I was not balanced i was in a depressed mood in which i never am and things were just out of whack in my life with working with spirit. Even the little things like my Prophetic dreams had stopped coming when those were a regular part of my life since late 2007. Even lying in bed at night no random visions anymore during this time…i had felt like my psychic readings were not coming meaning the info was not flowing like it was prior. I had been guided to get a Reiki session and wow did that ever do the trick as my whole being feels just so different now since and my energy and balance feels like its coming back again. Well i Just finished another remote Psychic/Mediumship reading and was given full permission to share this and was done with the other person purposely giving me nothing about them. No photo no real name no possible information i could of known. It only took a couple of messages from Spirit for her to know it was her grandpa and some of it was through political figures told and shown to me and his displeasure directly through his message he told me of his grand daughter and the way the family is not on speaking terms since his death. Next i was shown a vision of a bear in a wheelchair…and she said her husbands name is buckshot and he had been injured in a accident and was rendered handicapped as told by his wife to me. I was also warned about a man possibly harming a woman and she confirmed this of the chance it may happen and the family was warned. Next was Spirit telling me 3 Bean Pizza and she laughed stating “I make baked beans with 3 beans, burger and bacon..the family make me make it for every function and they call it three beans.” and she likes pizza as her aunt eats it 3 times a week. She told me her grandpa did extensive teachings with her on political figures over time. Here is President Eisenhower who i was told about to her and sec. of State John Kerry who i was shown in a vision. She told me her grandpa was not happy to serve in the Korean war and Eisenhower was president during that time. We are now friends on facebook at the conclusion of the reading…and a great friendship will now soon develop. I love Spirit!!