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My Most Recent Psychic Reading – The Deceased Brother

As of a few weeks ago i started taking classes to help the blocks in my Psychic/Mediumship development. We are going over quite a bit the foundations  and hurdles we must over come by being human and the ways we act in life and how we treat others, sometimes good and sometimes bad. My teacher suggested I continue doing my Psychic readings as i do now alone in my Suv and just put the intent out to Spirit for a particular person and see if while i am in process of changing for the better if my readings slow down or amp up? I had started a reading and received quite a bit of info on the first day since my first class and did this process of being alone for 25 mins a day and closing my eyes and listening to what i am getting. I usually will see the images or quick movie scenes being played out, most of the time i hear a fragment of words or a whole sentence. Other times i get shown a scene and i know what is going on or what had taken place within the short movie being shown to me. Well that first reading i received a lot of information but the person only connected two details i had mentioned to them. Yes they were private matters but i wondered why i didn’t get more correct as usually i get a lot more confirmed? This actually bothered me to a point as my thoughts ran wild of ooh no…she will think I can’t do this and i felt the need to have to make a excuse to why maybe things were not being confirmed. My teacher says you are only the telephone cord and for me to not get emotionally attached to a reading and just pass on what you get and leave it at that. Well the second reading came and the same thing happened as only two things out of 10 were confirmed, leaving me with that same feeling of almost failure as in the past this never happened. After a few days of thoughts on this i promised this would not happen again as i really needed to learn this new process and just see what happens.

Well i started the 3rd reading this week and the first day i got only a few things, then on day two i got a few things, then on the next day i got one thing and one thing on my last day for a total of 8 bits of info shown to me or told to me. I had felt inside that this was for a reason and its the best i could do and honestly i did not worry at all about this and just needed to continue and go over what i had experienced to the woman and see if things jived to her.

This is the post i had posted on my Facebook as she responded back to me and this whole experience just made both our days and I learned that it’s not up to me to worry about the readings and just share what i receive and leave it at that as it’s up to the person involved to either know or not know at the time whether they understand this or not. So far my classes are taking a great step in the right direction for me getting better in my development and also as a person and how i treat others and myself.

We got a 8 out of 8 correct…which is a first for me!
The first thing i heard was “That’s gonna keep us in the strapped hell hole” which she totally confirmed. Next i saw a map of the United States and looked like a line was drawing a path just above Texas from southwest and going eastward a few states and she told me her friend just moved from Texas to Michigan. I was shown someone standing near a wall and I heard “to dump something” and she said she told her husband to dump the clock on the wall cause it was not working anymore this was on Tuesday. I got thoughts of a man looking for a missing woman…like a woman may of had amnesia? 23 years ago she told me her mom was not doing well and she walked out of a Hospital and they could not find her.
Jumping over to the last few i got was someone told me about being mad at a woman for not going out to dinner with him…then i was shown a man spitting or puking out what looked like beans or food out of his mouth all over. She told me her brother had asked her on occasions to go out with him but she didn’t and one night he couldn’t go out to eat with family and food was brought back to him and he choked on it and spit out his food and died.
Up to this point she knows it was her brother who is deceased who came in and told me about the dinner and showed me the choking on the food and the last thing that was told to me was this…..”have 2 rats and one of them is adopted” and i was shown two rats… and her now deceased brother she just told me used to call her step brothers….Rats..


The Dream Of My Deceased Aunt And The Confirmed Dessert

I recently had a dream in February of 2015 of my deceased aunt who had passed within 6 or so years ago. I had not seen her in many many years prior to her death as family was not that close that we visited like we used to in my younger days. About two weeks after my aunt’s death to which at the time i had no idea she passed i was visiting a friends gravesite in Westfield Massachusetts and when i was driving out my thoughts told me to drive to Northampton Massachusetts and try to find my aunt as i had heard before she was in a nursing home. When i arrived at one i was told she was at another one as last they heard and when i got there I was told she died two weeks prior. If i was not guided to drive there i would of never known she had passed and i knew listening to my inner guidance worked and it was time i needed to tell me mother, her sister. I never since i opened up to Spirit dreamt about my aunt in any way but the other night i did as we both were in a room together and all i could see was her head and she gave me a dessert which consisted of small marsh mallows and pineapples and cream. Then behind a door i heard voices both male and female in which i assumed were her children. When i called my mother the next day i asked her about the dessert and she said yes the marsh mallows and pineapple dessert as her mom used to make that for her sister and her when they were younger. I messaged my cousin who i had not talked to in about a  year and i asked her if everyone was doing good and that her mother came to me in a dream and usually only my father warns me of things to come. She told me her father was in the hospital having a surgery as he was not in good health and within hours of having her mother come to me in a dream was really telling. I would of never of known this about my uncle if my aunt didn’t show up in my dream as my father does to warn me of family things going on.