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The 4 Spirit Visits From A Friend From Long Ago


Karen Norway Spirit visitation

** The photo was taken by a ex co worker who allowed me to share this online with the public.

I had tried previously a few times to share some dream visitations with a ex co worker of mine in Massachusetts about his deceased wife, but the messages given to me where just not powerful enough to make someone believe. The last dream in August of 2016 was so realistic and powerful enough that even he confirmed that what his deceased wife showed me was valid when she was alive many years ago.

This morning August 24, 2016 I had a dream and like 3 times before with her was a visitation dream from someone I knew personally and worked with many years ago. She unfortunately passed in 2002 and was very sad for many who loved her. Her name is Karen Norway and once every 2 years or so Karen comes to me with a message for her Husband Earl. Today’s was very touching for me as I had tears coming out of my eyes as the dream was confirmed by her Husband Earl from Massachusetts just about a hour ago to me. And my Facebook friend allowed me to share this photo she took of them years ago.

12-20-2013 DREAM– I am sitting at a table and someone in a higher up position where i work was there and so was one of my old co workers who had passed away in 2002. As I was sitting a pc of paper was handed to my deceased co worker and she showed it to me, it was a check. she had told me to sign it up top and in the middle area also and i never looked at it to see really what it was?

Confirmed- At work her husband and myself both received some months later a increase in our Pension that we were not expecting

1-28-2014 DREAM- I was outside and there was a big gathering and i saw some co workers there as it looked like they were drinking. I was sitting at a table with a co worker and his wife who was deceased since 2002. She looked at me and said “you better get that cough checked” i looked at her and i told her i loved her.

Confirmed- I did have a bad cough due to very bad sinus and had gone to the doctor numerous times for it.

12-31-2014 DREAM- I am sitting on a Church Pew with a woman and It was a funeral or church service. We got up and I said “Are you going to say Hello to Karen Norway?” She said “No” and as I looked at Karen she was looking down and was sad.

8-24-2016 Dream- I see Karen sitting at a table eating and when I saw her I went over to her and kneeled down on the floor in front of her and I said “Karen are you really here?” I then said “Please give me a message for Earl that he will understand and I will let him know” Karen then reached in her mouth and pulled out a tooth and put it back in. Then she pulled it out again and then proceeded to put the tooth back in her mouth again. I said to her does this mean Earl takes a tooth in and out of his mouth?

Confirmed- I woke up and then called her husband Earl at work and shared with him the dream and he confirmed that in his life there are major things going on and he confirmed that Karen had 3 teeth that were partials that she could remove and put back in her mouth.