I decided to share with everyone through this website the  decision i made in my life after my dad had passed in 2007, which was to change my life for the better. This change would not be a easy one as up to that point as i was a fun loving, sometimes rowdy, going out partying type person who loved to interact with the people of this world. I tried to live a carefree life having as much fun as possible, but never  worried about certain aspects of life and the pain that some people endure in their lives. Yes looking back on my world before 2007 I was still doing some the Spiritual work I am doing today to a certain degree, it’s just I wasn’t recognizing it for what it truly was all about. Even when i wasn’t listening to the Voice within at times and I made certain situations that were beautiful in the beginning of friendships, I had made them worse. I would later learn that what i have is Empathy for certain people in this world and I didn’t understand exactly what i was doing at the time until late 2011 when i learned I was a Psychic Unconcious Empath. It was to be in the beginning stages a interest for me in Psychic Development in 2007 after my dads death, and it definitely took on a new perspective on my life once i started to open up and awakened to in my life. A very real wake up call to what I can only imagine a partial of humanity whether small or large is able to experience. I do believe it’s there for everyone if one’s Ego allows change and is open to it. The Experiences, both in the awake and sleep state have been studied and documented diligently in notebooks, Audio recordings of Spirit voices and hours of studying images sometimes deeper in photographs of Spirits and non human looking entities. The coming of Spirits, Ethereal E.T. looking beings etc…and the communication that has confirmed to us that these experiences were real and to be taken a little more serious. Yes, there has been the rare occasion where in 2008 we were frightened of some of the experiences we have shared either together or alone in this. Some have been seen or heard in the light of day as others have been there in the hours of darkness. Only those who witness these type of events can truly know after it happens multiple times it’s very real. Some People tend to judge at the moment ones mental state or feel the need to be aggressive with negativity, quick to comment on ones experiences or Evidence presented. I find that a lot of people try to use their knowledge to what they know….not what could be the truth depending on any individuals experiences. Most of the time people are judged without further investigation into ones Personal experiences or the chance that maybe…..One may of been supported by a higher source to receive proof of Life after death or even a possible dimensional world other than the one we live in. Negativity only leads to more negativity yet still a part of society i believe are just not open to the possibilities that exist out there. Another problem is we have so much fraud out there with people trying to take advantage of others and that only leads to trouble especially where Psychic Mediums are concerned. There is good and bad in everyone in this world not just the Psychic stage and in my learnings and experiences i believe there are amazing experiences outside the realm of norm. Many people are still not open to their higher self and live in a Material world and Spirituality or that higher power is just something they are not concerned about in their lives. The media seems to control or brainwash the masses and how Spirit or Psychics are viewed in the world today. If you are not of the total Science background some are ridiculed for actually following the truth and what Spirit can and will do for those who can make that connection. I choose the path that makes me a better person for Humanity..I chose the path that when i die i will have hopefully done my best to touch people in some way in which Spirit has guided me to do. Does it mean that because something is not accepted by some or the masses that makes it not real? I firmly believe there are many gifted people out there in this world who have a wonderful connection whether it be Spirit-Angels-God whoever? and in those out there I can only hope one day i can do justice for the ones who truly serve humanity and not those padding their own Egos. While there is good and bad in everyone, once again i choose the path where if i add up all the experiences and the Truths within my life Whether it be the Paranormal or my path to Spirituality, nobody can tell me its not real for i am passed the point of doubting anything anymore. I have a ways to go to learn in this lifetime and i have found out that its only a intention and meditation away from my Spiritual self if i need a question to ask for guidance. Without the guidance from Spirit or Teachers i have met in my life that i receive or the help i have been given since my awakening, i would never changed and who knows what life would of brought me now? Some accept that we are Eternal Spirit first….and a physical being second and then be still and work at it. It is amazing the experiences one can have if they listen to the Voice within.