The Brother Who Died Choking On His Food

I started doing a Psychic Mediumship reading for Barbi Luce on February 23, 2015. While there were some exciting confirms Psychically it would be one confirm that I received that would stay with me. Here I will list not all of her reading but some aspects of it that we feel pertain to her brother’s communications to us. Perhaps the mention of others in the family who are deceased as well or actually themselves in Spirit communicating? Barbi gave me full permission to post her readings for everyone to read.

 Barbi Luce Reading 2/23/2015:

Michael D. Prush October 28, 1956- July 25, 2014

Todd Sheldon- The next one I heard was this and does this make sense? “Something about a man getting mad at a woman cause she would not go out to dinner with him.”
Barbi Luce- Ok yes
Todd Sheldon- This is not about Ronald right?
Barbi Luce- Right
Todd Sheldon- Ok I am going to give you what I saw and I have never in my life seen anything like this
Barbi Luce- Okay
Todd Sheldon- I saw like beans coming out of someone’s mouth but it may of not been beans? Food def came out of someones mouth like they got sick or did not like the food I don’t know?
Barbi Luce- Yes!
Todd Sheldon- Ok explain I gotta hear this.
Barbi Luce- last summer my brother couldn’t go out to dinner with his daughter in law and son they brought back some food for him and they think he choked.
Todd Sheldon- Omg…that is not funny Omg…is he alive??
Barbi Luce- He died
Todd Sheldon- I got the sense it was you know what food it was he choked on?
Barbi Luce- I don’t know?
Todd Sheldon- Wow I have never, ever saw anything like this in my life…I saw the whole head of the person and food coming out of his mouth.
Barbi Luce- They explained it exactly like that.
Todd Sheldon- Omg…..well dear…I can only give you what I feel…and in my readings…some spirits have shown me detailed things….I am almost led to believe this may of been him coming to me to share this with you, He died of choking right?
Barbi Luce- Yes the food spilled out of his mouth
Todd Sheldon- Barb…could this of been your brother as well saying this to me? Something about a man getting mad at a woman cause she would not go out to dinner with him. Did your brother get mad that night about not going out with them for some reason?
Barbi Luce- Yes he did he had a temper.
Todd Sheldon- I am wondering if I interpreted it wrong…I find it amazing that this dinner was told to me and he didn’t go….Do you know for a fact he was mad that night or no? did he have a girlfriend etc?? maybe he asked her and she wouldn’t go?? not sure just giving my opinions?
Barbi Luce- Yes because that day a lot was going on
Todd Sheldon- So maybe that was your brother about the dinner?
Barbi Luce- Probably
Todd Sheldon- So he was mad on that day he died?
Barbi Luce- Monthly he would go out with them and this time he tried to walk and go but couldn’t, yes
Todd Sheldon-Ok…that was your brother as well just I could of gotten a few words wrong..but the fact that dinner was mentioned tells me that
Barbi Luce- Also sadly he always asked me to go out with him and I wouldn’t go he was a loud person.
Todd Sheldon- Did he ever get mad at you for that?
Barbi Luce- Yes
Todd Sheldon- Thats it dear…..your brother came in…he is talking about you….
Barbi Luce- It sounds like him
Todd Sheldon- Ok now the last one..and if its your brother..omg
Barbi Luce- I was just thinking about that earlier how I should have went
Todd Sheldon- “Is anyone adopted in the family?? just say yes or no.”
Barbi Luce- No
Todd Sheldon- Very interesting…..ok this is what I was told Barb, I heard something to this effect………..does this make any sense to why I was told this after your deceased brother came in? I heard “have 2 rats and one of them is adopted” did someone mean kids???
Barbi Luce- We have step brother that we don’t talk to but they put their names on my brothers obituary, two step brothers my brother would have said what if he was alive.
Todd Sheldon- Maybe that is who this spirit is talking about? Why would he call them rats? Did he get along with them? or did someone have a feud with them and one maybe is adopted here and you don’t know??
Barbi Luce- My sisters thought this as I did to
Todd Sheldon- In my opinion…..sounded like your brother is digging some people here…lol
Barbi Luce- I don’t know but my dad acts like they are his real kids and my brother that died did call them Rats.
Todd Sheldon- No way…LOL!!!!!!!!! are you serious???
Barbi Luce- Yes
Barbi Luce- You were right also, not only did my brother spit out his food he did puke all over, his son told me. He stopped breathing and passed away. When you told me this I started shaking, I knew right away because I think about it everyday and you really wowed me.


Barb luce Monday 2-23 2015
1. “That’s gonna keep us in the strapped hell hole”-Yes
2. I saw a map of the United States and looked like a line was drawing a path from southwest and going eastward a few states.- Yes
3. “Dump something”? then I saw a person put something on a wall or take it down- Yes
4. “A riff with Randle”- Yes but the name was Ronald
5. I got thoughts of a man looking for a missing woman…like a woman may of had amnesia??- Yes
6. Something about a man getting mad at a woman cause she would not go out to dinner with him.- Yes
7. I saw like beans or food coming out of someone’s mouth like they were sick or puking.- Yes
8. “have 2 rats and one of them is adopted”- Yes

10/20/2016 Barbi Luce Second Reading:

Todd Sheldon- Hey Barb there is a aspect of my readings that I have not done too often but at times has been very rewarding for me in getting some of them correctly. Its when I do them with my eyes open before I do my readings the normal way and whatever comes to my mind for a person I write it down and this has worked pretty good for some people. Now I just gave a friend 5 things and I got 3 out of 5 correct so I really need to start focusing hard on doing it this way. May I do some practice readings on you this way…it won’t be the normal way where I close my eyes and see and hear, but I will keep my eyes open and rely on my communication through my thoughts to receive my info? let me know and this will be different for me but it has worked well in the past.
Todd Sheldon- Hello Barbi what I am going to do is at various times I am going to test myself using different ways to connect, sometimes it can be just my thoughts or sometimes it may be my guides or your loved ones. I actually have stopped doing readings for now sitting with back in my suv closing my eyes and doing it that way as I need to build upon all that and grow. My teacher I am seeing tomorrow is going to in the coming months help me to get to the point where I can do readings in a different way. So for now I have done this about 7 times and did quite well for some, sometimes getting a lot, sometimes getting nothing but doing it this way lets me know what works and what does not. I will just write here all of what I heard and if nothing hits its ok. If something makes sense to you just say how many made sense to you and I will after ask you which numbers and we go from there.

Barbi Luce- Numbers  7-13-14
Todd Sheldon- Ok now the others are not any memory that could of been from a deceased person right to your knowledge? ok number 7…..Do you actually have a envelope of recent in your home that is from social security? just say yes or no or is this from someone you know?
Barbi Luce- yes its for me.
Todd Sheldon- Is the date on the envelope like the early part of October? or later?
Barbi Luce- Beginning in October
Todd Sheldon- Ok I was told this Envelope dated October 6 or 7 but I think it was the 6th what was the date?
or did you get the envelope on that day? I was wondering why I heard the 6th?
Barbi Luce- 11th
Todd Sheldon- Its ok I heard the 6th….so this is for you then and I did hear that so that one is known, thank you and Brenda or Glenda….which name was right?
Barbi Luce- Brenda
Todd Sheldon- Family Barbi or friend alive or deceased?
Barbi Luce- Friends daughter alive
Todd Sheldon- Ok I am not sure how relevant this is to Brenda but in that family would you know from her mom if there ever was a loving Diary someone wrote?
Barbi Luce- Not that I know of
Todd Sheldon-Do me a favor ask her mom if someone had written a diary? either a family member passed on or maybe her daughter? I cannot know this is for her maybe it was a message I heard separately from Brenda as one thing was told to me after the other, so maybe it connects or maybe they are not for the same?
Todd Sheldon- I heard “The loving diary I wrote” unless you know about this and has nothing to do with Brenda Now Kevin…family or friend?
alive or deceased?
Barbi Luce- It was number 14, Mike he is dead family.
Todd Sheldon-Yes I know number 14 ok let me add to this….would there of ever been a time that he had hot chocolate and spilled it in front of you?
Barbi Luce- Probably
Todd Sheldon- The thought came to me that Kevin was the one who spilled hot chocolate, yes I know Barbi this could be general but that is what I got.
Barbi Luce- Mike lived with me he was my brother and he spilled a lot because he would take drinks up and down the stairs
Todd Sheldon- Ok lets stop there then as I may get more info from him and my question to you if you remember your reading I gave you before did he ever come in for us before or no?
Barbi Luce- Yes I think so
Todd Sheldon- Ok lets stop there then.
Barbi Luce- Yes he was the one who choked on food  and he knows Brenda.
Todd Sheldon- Now looking at all the other things just every so often keep that list of what I showed you in case something happens that grabs your attention…..ooh now I remember…!! no kidding he knows Brenda? Did your brother ever have a diary???
Barbi Luce- That’s his niece
Todd Sheldon- Ok don’t say anything else that gives anything away
Barbi Luce- No but he always had race track books as he wrote in them left them around
Todd Sheldon- You need to find out if Brenda ever had a diary and lets stop and see about that, no I don’t think it would be him….loving diary I wrote….most likely not that.
Barbi Luce- I had an uncle Walter and I was young and didn’t know him well
Todd Sheldon- Omg! I was just saying that in my head as you posted it ok so you have a uncle Walter then? had
Barbi Luce- Yes
Todd Sheldon-Barbi you never said yes to that…lol
Barbi Luce- It was a long time ago
Todd Sheldon- Ok is there any living family members who might know and when I heard Uncle Walter I will tell you that I asked for your family members in spirit and friends to come forward and give their names to me so I have no doubts he told me his name..that is great!! could you ask someone about anything that may make sense to him about “The cave in”
Barbi Luce- I will ask my sister.
Todd Sheldon- Lets stop there, now the word Augusta doe that mean anything to you? Augusta festival?
Barbi Luce- No
Todd Sheldon- Or August a festival?
Barbi Luce- well I was just thinking about a festival I missed in august that my sister went to she saw my other brother there.
Todd Sheldon- Thank you and I wonder with the cave in was something to do with someone your uncle Walter knew about??
Barbi Luce- I have to ask my sister, the people that knew him are gone now. I will think about it my self too.
Barbi Luce- I had a neighbor name Kevin in the year 2007, and my son had a journal at school in kindergarten, everyday he wrote in it that he loved me. The teacher said he really missed me everyday. My brother Mike caved in on an attic of my grandma home. She was related to my Uncle Walter. Same last name. My Cousin who passed away had a reception at a club called Fandangos
Barbi Luce- Gang Bangers could be my old neighbors as they were on drugs and did crimes and we had to move.
Todd Sheldon- Ok lets start with Kevin…is he alive?
Barbi Luce- Yes
Todd Sheldon- Ok were you ever around him at all or big age difference?
Barbi Luce- He lived next to me when my brother Mike live with me he was ten years younger
Todd Sheldon- Ooh i know I was just told just now your brother mike just told me and said Kevin’s name to me that is why i got both names.
Barbi Luce- He liked mike that is what Kevin’s wife said to me
Todd Sheldon- That is where both names came in after the hot chocolate spill…your brother must of told me about the incident and then stated Kevin’s name then his to you would know it was mike that told me all that…makes so much sense now to me as I feel energy up my legs.
Barbi Luce- Yes
Todd Sheldon- wow!! ok this next one is huge….My brother Mike caved in on an attic of my grandma home. She was related to my Uncle Walter….this is your brother again sharing more info??
Barbi Luce- Yes he was clumsy. they were fixing up my grandmas home
Todd Sheldon- So your brother had the cave in….wow!!! uncle Walter was not there though right? Barbi…to your best knowledge all this is true correct??
Barbi Luce- Right uncle Walter was related to my grandma
Todd Sheldon- Omg this is great for my development!! I heard Uncle Walter, then seconds after the cave in. My Cousin who passed away had a reception at a club called Fandangos….this I still cannot believe I heard that name correctly is the club still in existence? was this cousin male or female and don’t tell me their name.
Barbi Luce- I think so, not sure as I don’t drive that way anymore and female.
Todd Sheldon- Fandangos is exactly the name of that….now you said your cousin… don’t share her name with me…..but for me to hear that name and she is passed..I would believe your cousin came through as well…that name is not common at all.
Barbi Luce- Guess not so much now a days
Todd Sheldon- You said she had a reception there…I have to say never have I heard that word in any way in my readings and may I ask was this a wedding reception or baby shower? that is a very odd name for a place…LOL!!
Barbi Luce- wedding reception she is also related to my uncle Walter
Todd Sheldon- I know I am asking a lot of stuff on this its just I am blown away that I actually heard that word told to me, is it in Michigan?? wow!! uncle Walter seems to be in the middle of everything here and were you close to your cousin?
Barbi Luce- Yes and yes fandangos was in Michigan also and it was in the 1990’s so it was awhile back
Todd Sheldon- The gang bangers they lived next door then to you….before?
Barbi Luce- I moved two years ago because the drug addicts across the street from me would not leave me alone. I called the police on them all the time we had to move out of our dream home because of them and they harassed me constantly destroying property.
Todd Sheldon- That was bad so it’s no wonder you had to move.
Barbi Luce- It was horrible.
Todd Sheldon- Good thing you were never harmed….physically…….
Barbi Luce- I was mentally and I am still shaken up from them
Todd Sheldon- So the diary thing was not about that one was confirmed by your son…which makes so much sense and that is horrid as men can be so cruel.
Barbi Luce- They come by my new house here too sometimes and yes that was the first thing I thought of when you wrote loving diary also the frederick son or fred’s son could be brenda’s father fred.
Todd Sheldon- Ooh 2 words I wrote it as one
Barbi Luce- Otherwise I don’t know a Frederickson
Todd Sheldon- Has he passed or is he alive?
Barbi Luce- Alive but Fred’s son did try to kill himself
Todd Sheldon- Ok we will leave it at a question mark but I will note you know a Frederick right who has a son? Brendas dad
Barbi Luce- Fred was Mike’s best friend and they married sisters Mike and Fred
Todd Sheldon- What????? then your brother totally came in big in this reading….
Barbi Luce- I was hoping he would as its seems like my brother Mike is confirming a lot for me.
I have to go now talk to you later and thank so much
Barbi Luce- Fandango Hall, 822 Oak Street,48192 Wyandotte Michigan
Todd Sheldon- wow!!! i still am blown away by fandango….lol…that had to be her that told me that.
Barbi Luce- Yes omg
Barbi Luce- I had a friend in grade school whose name was Clarence he live in my grandmas old rental, my grandma whose is related to my uncle Walter yup. I have been telling my husband. I told him the name kevin and Mike and he knew right away who you were talking about and he remembered the hall also the gang bangers.
Todd Sheldon- Did your brother fall through the attic or the roof into the attic?
Barbi Luce- In the attic putting down installation through the ceiling.
1. Clarence- Yes
2. Bit off more than you could chew-??
3. A_____ Festival the A was one word but I did not get it clearly.- Maybe
4. Fredrickson- Yes but it’s Frederick’s son
5. Notorious gang bangers that live in _______- Yes
6. the hot chocolate Spill-??
7. Envelope dated October 6 and Social Security.- Yes except the date
8. Fandangos.- Yes
9 Uncle Walter- Yes
10 The cave in- Yes
11. Dodgers last night-??
12 The loving Diary I wrote.- Yes
13. Brenda or Glenda- Yes Brenda
14. Mike- Yes
15. Kevin.- Yes