Brother’s Boyfriend’s Spirit Also A Murder And Escape From A Serial Killer?

This Reading was very different and difficult for the person as it had two elements of Murder that both affected her life in a big way. She asked me to only use her first name here and to not use the suspected Serial Killer’s name in any way during this reading. I was also asked to only use the victim’s first name Initial for the female who was found deceased. We had extensive conversations about the Horror that she went through with this whole ordeal of the female that was taken and then herself by the same men.

Maureen 8/23/2014

Todd- The first thing I was shown was a mans Penis. Now also remember only say yes or no, don’t explain things if you know what it is about…let me ask you when I want you to explain.

Maureen – ok

Todd- This is funny as this is the first time I ever saw that, ok here is the next one. I saw a hand and finger that maybe got injured? This next one Maureen I may of gotten wrong on the injury but I heard this very clearly  “Other side of the tracks”  It may be related to the penis I was shown, now try to put a story together and if you understand anything I say tell me you think you know this. If you do not understand then say no I don’t and I will move on.

Todd- Let me give you one more then maybe you can explain it to me.
I heard this told to me “Maureen Being shown a gay man.”

Maureen- I’m guessing the gay man is my brother, but he is here not passed.

Todd- It does not matter as someone is telling me this as Spirit
talks about the living.

Todd- what about the other side of the tracks..who is that about?

Maureen- I’m thinking it is S_________ ? a young girl who passed .

Todd- On the other side of the tracks?? you think its her telling me this?
would this be Maureen for a missing person case??

Maureen- Maybe…. if it about omg yes!

Todd- what?

Maureen- she has been found tho….

Todd- Why do you associate that with the other side of the tracks? 

Maureen- S_________ was murdered in the bush in front of me.

Todd- Like some people are from the other side of the tracks or someone was on the other side of the tracks…how do you feel that was used?

Maureen- Up the track.

Todd Sheldon- omg……..other side of the tracks….this may be her then.

Maureen- yes

Todd- The next one I see two men and one looks like he is in drag and maybe they are slow dancing as one put his head around the others head.

Maureen- ok

Todd- I am not sure the next one is related to this but for whatever reason some spirit wants to make note of this person or persons….so the next thing that was said..i missed some of it..but the spirit said “________________________ female every time she goes on a trip”

Maureen- My brothers best friend has passed and they did drag together.

Todd- Omg…..ooh maureen….then seeing the penis….then the two men…
and the drag.

Maureen- yes

Todd- The spirit wanted to make sure I saw him with his penis hanging out. So this reading so far may be about the dead girl coming back, and your brothers friend.

Todd- I missed one and I gotta go back, after i was told you were being shown a gay man….a little bit after I heard something else. “something about being in a store and shop quickly!! like a race.” what is that about?

Maureen- Hmm only thing I can think of at first thought was my ex made me shop that way..get in shop get out… quickly? but I’ll keep thinking more.

Todd- Let me ask you this…and only say yes or no…..have you….or do you know someone named Tim?

Maureen- yes

Todd- Omg Maureen spirit is giving me names like crazy. is he passed or alive?

Maureen- alive

Todd- This is what I was told, “Something is going out of Sequence and Tim is involved.” Maureen…what could this be??

Maureen- Not sure? Tim is my best friends son.

Todd- Interesting spirit wants me to make sure i tell you this and you may want to tell your friend this to watch. Like he is involved with something, going out of sequence….maybe good or bad…not sure?

Maureen- The relationship is strained a bit cause of her ex

Todd- Tim is married?

Maureen- they just about to buy property ? he has a partner and 2 kids..

Todd- Maureen what do you feel spirit is trying to tell you?

Maureen- Tim is to check details?

Todd- what?

Maureen- sorry i’m not sure on the Tim thing but deb may understand the sequence order more then me..?

Todd- I would share that with Deb and just tell her exactly what I told you and see what she says.

Todd Sheldon- ok now….do you know or knew….a woman named Melissa??? just say yes or no???

Maureen- I have a friend in Ohio who’s daughter’s name is that?

Todd- This is what spirit said to me,  ” Salmon! was there Salmon in this dish? was the Salmon in this Melissa????
that was very clear.

Maureen- I will ask my friend James about that…

Todd- I would of thought it might of been a deceased family member….wow…Salmon is the key here and the name Melissa
ok….get back to me dear on those two…and looks like your brothers friend came in..and if you think the little girl near those tracks….bless you…she may of wanted to acknowledge that…did you work on that case or you said she was in front of you?
and how did your brothers friend die?

Maureen- Well S_________ was murdered in front of me and I was assaulted bad and I escaped just… but she was murdered. It became a cold case for long time and I said nothing for along time. I came forward just before i had tumor removed when doctors told me I may of had weeks to live and to get my life in order.

Todd- Maureen it must of been her…….

Maureen- Yes its been extremely distressing that event in my life…

Todd- I wondered when the tracks were mentioned to me what that was?
the spirit just told me that and it was all I got?

Maureen- my brothers friend passed, how you spell it..pheomonia… but i can’t remember if it was suicide too?

Todd- oooh now listen…I saw a hand…injured..could he have slit his wrists??
can you find that out?

Maureen- We taken up a bush track  and I ask my sister she remember….

Todd- Or if he tried to slit his hand or wrist? omg…Maureen…that is really sad…..taken up a bush track.

Maureen- I wont ask my brother as he is very skeptical to psychics and very closed off to it but he accepts me and knows I am…lol.

Todd- Yes please get back to me on Tim…Melissa..and the possible suicide?? its ok….he just wanted to come in…if you don’t tell him.. I cant make you.

Maureen- I will mention it to him…..because Ben would want that..too bad if my brother isn’t open to it he will get his hello from Ben.

Maureen- Ok spoke to Deb….Tim is about to rush and buy a property cause they want to get married on the property. So the racing about…not really taking time into decisions at looking and buying property that’s all deb can think of…at moment.

Maureen- Ben…my brothers gay friend died of herion overdose

Todd- wow! so Maureen which part of the reading you thought was the best

Maureen- About s_________ because that was for me…

Maureen- I’m still yet to work out Melissa and Salmon……I speak to James about it when he is online..he is in Ohio. but I’v just started to eat Salmon..and its been something Deb and iv talked about a lot lately too….

Maureen- Back to my brother…he was a cosmetic make up artist working in ________________ when he was with Ben…before my brother moved to london so the racing around shops maybe connected to him too..

Maureen- Ben had been sexually assaulted by a teacher….
him and another mate went around to harass him for what he got away with. Bens mate was the one to get Ben riled up about it to make sure he didn’t get away with what he done to Ben.

Maureen- They tied him up…..and harassed him trashed his house for the sexual assault on ben. The other guy put a plastic bag over teacher head and left house left him that way….well the teacher died. Ben got i think 10 yrs jail for it?? not life cause….how it when Ben got out of jail……he was pretty traumatized.

Maureen- My brother was his support all during court days and
the other guy had told his partner what they did to the teacher. And when they split up…the girl…went to the cops for the reward money and dobbed Ben and the other bloke in..they went to jail for it.
My brother he was very traumatized and sad when Ben died of heroine overdose.

Maureen- The reason why Ben wasn’t given life sentence off judge was because..when prosecutor asked why didn’t he put tape over his mouth he said because he wouldn’t of been able to breathe… judge knew then…he hadn’t gone with intent to murder…but just get him back for sexaully assaulting him.

Maureen- So you have got to murder cases really…bens and S_________…
that’s 2. Well S_________ was murdered.

Maureen- lol yes I ask my sister if Ben had habit of showing it…it may of been remind me of his sexual assault and all that happened to Ben too
and for me to remember the murder case.
I actually feel….that was for me to remember Bens sexual assault and the murder…Bens story.

Todd- Ooh yes…I saw that injured hand why that??

Maureen- They tied the teachers hands up behind his back.and put plastic bag over his head. I am not aware of all details….just what damage they did to teacher..before they left him tied to the chair and left house..left him that way.

Todd Sheldon- So the rope could of been that?

Maureen- Yes…just my gosh..I hadn’t thought of Ben and his story in along time… he was my brother’s best friend from school…and after school.
Back then my brother did a lot of drag queen shows and yes they were lovers also. I don’t know if Ben did drag? i know my brother did..i still have one of his dresses in my wardrobe..

Todd- I saw one drag gal and one not and it was as the girl actually put her head on his neck.

Maureen- By showing it that it made me remember all about his sexual assault and the murder case. If he hadn’t shown u that..and u just got gay men i’d not remembered all bens past.

Todd Sheldon- Interesting….