Ghosts At 38 Summer St. Kennebunk Maine 2017

George Lord Little House Ghosts

October 31, 2017 My wife and I walked in our city we live in and participated in the Kennebunk Maine Halloween Trick or Treat walk. There were tons of people having so much fun approaching each home with the great Halloween themes. The houses were decorated up really festive for Halloween and there were actors portraying all kinds of monsters etc.
I came upon the home at 38 Summer Street, built in 1875 which was not decorated or part of the festive evening but still the house just stood out to me. I snapped one photo with my Samsung phone just to the right of a tree, then I moved to the left side of a tree and took a second one. Over the years of taking Spirit photos I knew to check out each photo just in case something showed up on the photo, but it’s been years and I had moved on from that. But I decided to check anyways and on the first photo I saw nothing out of the ordinary, then on the second one I was looking near a window on the side of the building. I then noticed a man’s head and a very faint female’s head very clearly to me.
Not only that but below the heads there seemed to be a word in old style lettering written on the lower trim of the home. Here are the photos showing the before and the after images and a worker at the town clerks office showed me a book where the word that showed in one of the photos looks comparative to a book of Early Kennebunk. Some of the styles of writing that was around during the time period looked very similiar to what was on the photo. After further inspection of the photo some have thought that the word looks like Elinor. There was an Elinor Little who spelled the name that way in one of the census’s from way back, so who know’s it may still remain a mystery?
The Brick Store Museum in town just recently held a two hour home tour of this house and it’s really beautiful inside. I got a chance to show my photo to some of the workers there who work for the brick store Museum or helped with the tour and they even see the spirit images on my phone from that really fun night on Halloween.

Photo taken at 38 Summer St. Kennebunk Maine image #1 before Male and Female Spirit showed up on next photo along with a word written on the lower siding of the home.

38 Summer St. Kennebunk Maine Spirit photo of Male head and faint female near window outside of home.



38 Summer Street Kennebunk Maine larger image of Spirit heads.

Before and After photos showing male Spirit head and mystery word below.

Color was added to the images already present to show clearer the Male and female Spirit.

38 Summer St. No Word In Photo Like On Halloween Night

Cropped image of the Spirit heads that showed up on the 2017 Halloween night Summer Street walk in Kennebunk Maine




I went to the Home the following morning and there were no words on that house trim or anything there that would come close to showing faces.