Long Island Serial Killer- My Psychic Work Some Aspects Confirmed

It was in the Summer of 2014 a friend of mine had asked me if I would try to connect with my Psychic gifts in any way i could with what I saw and heard regarding this case in Long Island New York. I would do this for her but in the past i had done development work in missing or murdered people and while I did see visions or heard things that were true about the people involved, this is not easy doing this type of work.  I have found that the information that I received could of been around the murders or just events that I was picking up on in their lives. Doing readings to me is much easier because I just relay back to the person what i heard saw and it’s as simple as that. There is no guessing with anything and a good part of the time receiving confirms do happen which is why i continue to strongly pursue the Psychic realms. Doing this missing/murdered Psychic work is draining and unless you are working with a direct family member or detective how are we going to get actual confirms? I do believe that many are out there who are getting visions and are not correctly interpreting them and can make things worse or mislead people into thinking it’s one thing when it could be another. So i did some work on this case for my friend and i did see some interesting images and short movie clips and heard some things as well. In doing this I did get a confirm in what Spirit told me about a person mentioned to me, and i had to look online to see if that event happened as spirit told me and it did. What i have learned in doing psychic work is that I can pick up on a person and may not necessarily be about their death or the person involved but it could be something about the person when they were alive. Yes there are times when I am shown or told things that a deceased person had said to someone in the past or something to confirm that it’s them who is talking to me and is confirmed by a living person.

Here is in order the short list of Psychic work that I had done with this case.

** When I do Psychic/Mediumship readings I feel they are easier because the person i did the reading for is there to confirm what I tell them or not. I had done some volunteer Psychic work for one of the Victims family members and some things were confirmed about the victim. I was never shown any direct person or likeness of anyone involved that i could get a clear description of but there are things in my post here that have been proven true. Other personal things around the victim were done in a private reading i had done for them which i will not post here for privacy purposes. This work is exciting for me when I am shown something that one of these girls has done in her life when she was alive in the physical and confirmed by a family member or friend.

7-17-2014-Shannon Gilbert Psychic Intention:

I closed my eyes and lied down on a bed and asked for information regarding Shannon Gilbert one of the victims found deceased and the Long Island Serial Killer case.  What I believe I was shown not long afterwards as my eyes were closed during these moments was A possible person who may of been involved with one of the victims found. I was shown a Asian males face, but I do not believe it was Michael Pak that i was shown, as I believe it was the unidentified Asian male who was found dead. I feel seeing these two Clairvoyant visions that close together within seconds of each other I think they are related to each other, but about Shannon I don’t know?

Clairvoyant short Clip- I saw a person dressed in white outfit, not sure 100 % what kind of outfit it was but the person wearing it also was wearing a human face mask. In one hand the person held a large butcher type knife, Then he started swiping about 3 times at me with it. This Psychic vision only lasted about 3 seconds and then vanished. The image shows a doctors jacket but I cannot confirm that I saw that as i know the clothes that were worn were white. For me in the vision i saw…the human mask, the large knife, and the white outfit are the important things here, but this does not prove to me that the killer of any one of these victims used a knife in the murders,  but perhaps used this as a scare tactic when they were with that person.

About 5 seconds later I saw a man’s face, he was a Asian looking (20’s-30’s) guy short hair closer to his head and kinda dark skin. Upon thinking about this after and looking at Michael Pak’s face I do not believe i was shown him and i feel i was shown the unidentified male who’s image is shown below. I believe what my Clairvoyant images/movie clips were showing me was these 2 were related to each other.




8-7-2014- Psychic Intention on the unidentified Asian male:

 With my closed eye Clairvoyance I was shown driving along a road but it didn’t last too long and was faded and dark.

 Trying also to get his name..but the only name I heard was “Eric laans” or lans. Not Asian I would think?

Upon googling that name I came across a couple of men one named Erick Lans from Massachusett’s who was sent to Prison for Sexually abusing young girls.

The other was a man out in the mid States who’s name was Eric Lanz and he was in the news for sending a co worker of his pornographic emails.

Where does this lead me to with this name? Sometimes when i give Psychic readings i will be given a first name, then another name or word like a name but that does not mean it’s the persons last name and it could be a word or name that also relates to that person like a company name or building etc. The first name given is usually correct for that person, or someone that has to do with the person of intention when i gave the reading.

This was something spirit said to me  a little after and I missed a partial of it but mentioned “when he retired us”. maybe the meaning to that meant something about  when he killed us?




8-12-2014- Shannon Gilbert and unidentified Asian male 

I asked “Did someone kill Shannon Gilbert?

I also asked “What is the name of the unknown Asian man found deceased on Gilgo Beach?”

After 5 minutes and 30 seconds in to my closed eyes mediation I heard Spirit tell me “The Church is more Sanctum.”

sacred or holy place.

Examples of sanctum in a sentence

  1. Her office was her sanctum.

  2. the sanctum of a church

 10 minutes went by and with my Clairvoyance I saw a little girl come up to me in a dress with a man standing at her right side and she said “Crystal” then the closed eye’d vision stopped. I saw this very clearly and heard that name or word very clearly. As of now I have no confirm about this but I believe it’s valid.



Lunch Break

 7 mins 30 secs in i heard “Do you have tabs on her? Tabs for what??” This was for Shannon.

19 mins in I watched a long haired blonde more straight hair walking through a doorway into a bathroom and a man quickly followed in
after her. I only saw them from the back, no id on either one of them.

19 mins 40 secs in I saw a female from the lower half down and she was wearing a blue skirt maybe a denim skirt and i saw a 4th of July
reference seeing red white and blue. (Maybe this female died around this time?)



Megan Waterman:

morning break Meditation I heard  “He made a peripheral movement”

Lunch break- I heard Spirit say “Her face when she was running for her broom…nobodies talking about that?”

** Possible confirm on that with the broom as I was told that Megan hated bugs and would run for her broom to smash them. ( Nothing here about the death of her, but a confirm about a event or events that happened when she was alive.)


The next information that Spirit shared with me was again about Megan Waterman and my intention to receive information about her and the murder. This was one of the clearest things that Spirit has ever said to me regarding this case and here is where there is a def Confirm which i found studying it online. I believe if I studied hard enough there would be a def link to her and the information that Spirit showed me here.

After 6 minutes of my closed eye’d meditation I heard Spirit say to me “Did someone you know commit suicide at John Hopkins?”



Donald G. Wizeman- a tourism and marketing consultant who was living in Virginia Beach. Wizeman lived in Myrtle Beach, S.C., for 30 years, his wife said.
He was involved in tourism and golf ventures in Myrtle Beach, and played a key role in efforts to connect business people in Japan and the southeastern United States, according to an online biography. Wizeman began his marketing career in the late 1960s, creating the Virginia Beach Forever public service advertising campaign to foster business interest in that city. In 1970, Wizeman started a company called Rent A Girl Ltd., which offered escorts for visiting businessmen to take to parties, conventions and sales meetings in the Virginia Beach area.

** It is here where I captured my first real bit of relevant confirmation for me in which the Article online stated that he in fact committed Suicide at John Hopkin’s Hospital. 

Also I trust what Spirit shows me and tells me and when I saw the fact that he started a Escort business I felt strongly that somehow that business to some degree was connected to Megan Waterman at some point in her life. I don’t believe That Company exists anymore to my knowledge as I googled it and nothing came up. In the end I feel strongly that Megan who worked for Escort Services may of come across this business or knew someone who worked there at some point in her life, but i do not believe anything here had anything to do with her death. Spirit was correct about what I was told about someone committing Suicide at John Hopkin’s and a Escort Business tells me Spirit knows something, hopefully one day someone will read this and give the information needed to confirm the whole Psychic event I had.



 I am seeing stairs with white railings.

 I am seeing caskets in the ground with white flags hanging by each one.


I heard the name “Arial” told to me- maybe a dancing reference?
I was told that there was a female from Brooklyn named Arial that knew Megan Waterman.


This would be all the work i had done to this point and I am sure more will come in the near future.