Meditations Seeing And Hearing

I started meditating in December of 2007 after i decided it was best for me to change my life. My father had died in October and my world was just spinning out of control, nothing really horrible….just things in my life i couldn’t handle especially losing my dad. I had found out that in doing this that it opened me up in curious way about really what everyone was talking about. Seeing and hearing and the calmness that it provides by doing this. I started a timeline of January of 2008 and the findings that have occured in my life since then. I don’t profess to be gifted or say that anything i see or hear is better than anyone else, i just think this is wonderful for anyone that is open to change and see if they find out what i do. It opens a whole new world of belief that most people either don’t want to see or don’t want to give a chance in their lives. I gave this a chance my wife had no choice really, yes she is Spiritual but to be given the gifts she has been given is to us really a blessing from God.