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   Prophetic Dreams 2007-2017

  • In my dreams when they become prophetic there are certain aspects that I have found over time that happen and for some reason most of them are a prophecy of bad things to come.

  • If it happens to me in the dream there is a good chance of it happening to someone else, especially if its something bad coming. If i am alone in the dream it could be about me also.

  • If I am the observer in the dream with someone I know it could be that person or someone else connected to me and or that person, Example work. I can also be the observer to someone I have never met in person and may confirm as most of these are on Facebook…even in other countries.

  • If I am with someone I know and something happens to that person there is a small to good chance that it’s going to happen to them. It’s not always in the exact way as in the dream, but sometimes exactly!

  • Most of my dreams happen to people at work, people I love or even people from far away on Facebook in other countries. In one instance I had a dream of a person who friended me on Facebook and we never spoke a word to each other and one night i had a dream about her. She would confirm it as being with someone who is very important to her. There is also a new trend that started in 2012 where I will have a health issue in my dream and it will appear not long afterwards and when tested by doctors it was confirmed to be a stage away from something that could affect my life for the future. Health dreams can happen to me or someone else. 

  • Most of my dreams  do not come true for I average 1-3 dreams a night and over the course of one month there are only a few that will become prophetic….ranging from 1-5 in total.

  • A prophetic dream can take anywhere from 1 day up to a year to be confirmed for me, most of the time within days of the dream.

  • My dreams can involve sports figures, people I know personally, people I am not in direct contact with personally and can be a friend or association of someone I know. Sometimes disasters, plane crashes, Tornados and sometimes even death. Sometimes a funny dream comes out but more often its prophecies of bad. 

  • Most importantly to me was a dream from March of 2013 where I warned a person I know on Facebook of a dream that we were in one night. The person didn’t understand it at the time but weeks later I would be informed about what it meant and was as close to being a experience of life and death with that person.

  • When I changed my job and my home it was during this time my Prophecy dreams seemed to just cease and as of 3-15-2015 they have not returned. My thoughts are because i am developing more in my Psychic readings and that is garnering more attention is perhaps why my dreams have stopped for now.


    Spirit Photography 2007-2013 (+1 in 2017)

  • This aspect of my Mediumship is to me one of the biggest eye openers in my life and studied by taking many photos at the same locations most of the time receiving nothing and sometimes receiving Spirit images as proof for myself that these Entities and Spirit images taken real. The very first one was perhaps one of the most important ones to me as it was taken by Telepathy and i just listened to what i had heard in my thoughts and it would prove to be the start of something in my life that would change my belief in things some don’t believe exist. It was also channeled by a Visionary Medium and she predicted things to come as she was 100% correct as it happened and would become one of the ongoing Experiences over time that has amazed me to no end. Some of the photos have been taken at home, or Cemeteries,  peoples houses, Paranormal events, Historic Inns, inside or outside day or night. Some taken with multiple witnesses present, and a few of my photos are still saved on my camera memory card and will never be used again because one photo i had taken the entity was seen in my third eye in 2008 and seen also by my wife in our home. That camera is not made anymore so i had to retire that camera from any future use. As with everything in life that people don’t or won’t understand or accept, some call certain photos that people post as Spirit photos Pareidolia or Matrixing. I say that because when it suits them to say that under their Particular mood of that given day or because ones Ego wont allow them to see the truth. While yes i have seen people post images that don’t look clear at all, some have to realize that not everyone has the gift to discern certain images. I will mention here that my wife who is a very gifted humble Clairvoyant has seen on occasion light ball images come into the room and will actually morph into human looking faces. This is where some say orbs are dust..I have seen photos where there are clear cut face images within these photos that were taken. I refuse to call them orbs, again another word used by people that is not accepted in the Paranormal community as its considered a no no word. Yes some are dust and other things floating in the air…but not all of them are dust. We are all different in what we can and cannot do and whether one is a Psychic Medium or not we all are not on the same level of belief or understanding and some can and will block out anything that could possibly be communication from Spirit possibly due to ones belief system. Once again in my opinion the media seems to control certain people who have to follow a protocol of the way they gather evidence in some Paranormal groups and have to fit in with the rest of them or they may be ridiculed. I see more Mediums involved in the field today and kudos to the ones who are the sincere and honest ones who can make that connection! I believe 100% in the photos that i post are genuine, and because the possibility exists that maybe a deeper connection is made with Spirit than with some who only choose to use the Scientific ways of Investigating and may not be open to Spirit. I have nothing against people of Science, I just choose to live my own life not dictated by those who say or those who follow that say… because it is written here this or that cannot happen. Perhaps notations written by someone who never had a Spiritual or Paranormal experience in their own personal life.

  • In 2013 i stopped doing this aspect of communication with Spirit as there were other avenues to which i wanted to concentrate on as i felt i had done enough work with this area and felt truly blessed at the results.


    Telepathic Messages 2007-2017

This is a area of my Mediumship that can come through as communication almost as if it’s coming from my thoughts, but it’s Spirit and here are some examples. The very first Spirit photo I took at my window of 2007 where a man was looking at me in my bedroom window, another I am driving and within my thoughts I am told a message and my life is saved because of what was told to me came true within seconds of the message. This is not easy for me to discern which are my thoughts….and which are Spirit during a regular busy day like at work. In 2014 I started to be able to separate my thoughts from Spirits while I started to do free practice readings on people and doing them remotely. This has given me great confidence in doing this and the success of which I do this has been for me amazing.

As of October of 2016 I have learned to trust more in the way that I approach my Mediumship Readings in which I set my intention for a person and sit at my computer and listen for the communication to just flow in. I write down what I have received for some people I have done this with so far have yielded some amazing results for them with their deceased family members.


     Psychic/ Empathy ?-2017

This would be one aspect of my life that some in my opinion would agree that can cause those who experience it and others a lot of pain if not handled correctly. I had gone from Unconscious Empathy to an Unconscious Psychic Empathy to a Psychic Empath but it took me years to finally learn my lessons with Spirit about attachments. Some call it a curse! For me it was one of my biggest challenges and hurdles to get by and once i did i was rewarded with some great healing for me and for others.

    Clairvoyance 2008-2017

CLAIRVOYANCE – INTUITIVE VISION= The ability to see objects, actions, or events distant from the present without the use of eyes is called Clairvoyance. It transcends time and space and may be a result of what is seen through the third eye (sometimes referred to as our mind’s eye).

Meditation- These are the images or short movie strips I am shown after i set a specific intention, either for myself or for another person. There are a few ways in which i am shown the images as presented to me, as they can start with a black background and i see clouds appear and they will move in a outward direction. Then they form into shapes or images that are either black background with white images, or black background with gold images. Sometimes the images shown do not move features if they are human, a symbol or non human, they will just float in the darkness of my eyes. Movie Strip images are fully functional and are color and black and white and can last anywhere from 2-10 seconds, as sometimes they are fast and gone quickly. These can also be coupled with Clairaudience at times. Issues i have with this are i can be shown a movie and while i am concentrating on that i hear either within my thoughts a message, or hear a voice from another and if I am not paying full attention to the possibility that a Clairaudient message came through, I might forget it or miss it. Sometimes I have to make sure it’s not my own Ego thoughts coming through, but usually i hear something that I would never say in my thoughts. That is usually the tip off that its not me thinking this and its someone or something else. I have found out by personal experience that meditating in one spot and on a regular basis proves to me that i can connect more often, perhaps in keeping the appointment with Spirit in that time on a regular basis than if I did it randomly at any given hour.

Bedtime- This happens periodically when I am going to bed and within a minute or so with eyes closed Clairvoyant images will start to show up randomly. Sometimes I will set a intention and be shown things but most of the time when this happens it is random. these movies or images can be very clear and also be seen in bits and pcs if I start to open my eyes in the dark as I can still see partials of what i can see in my eyes with them closed. There also have been times when I had a dream and woke up to seeing images with my eyes closed and could put together a connection to that and the dream for a confirmation. This is very difficult for me to discern what is going on as I am being shown things that constantly change in images and only one time a random movie shown to me would become prophetic as the large tornado of Massachusetts that happened a few years ago over the border here in Connecticut.

Open eye Clairvoyance- There have been a few instances where I have been wide awake with eyes fully open to witness amazing experiences, but this does not happen very often.

Most of my Clairvoyant work is when I do my readings for people out of my Suv or home in my cellar and just ask for spirit family or friends to come in for that person and i just sit back and close my eyes and block out my thoughts and that is when I will see a person..or a short clip movie come in sometimes at the same time that i hear the message as well.


    Clairaudience 2008-2017

CLAIRAUDIENCE – INTUITIVE AUDIO or HEARING= This is the ability to perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise from sources broadcasting from the spiritual or ethereal realm. These tones exist beyond the reach of rational human experience and beyond the limitations of ordinary space and time.

I can hear Spirit at times upon waking up from sleep and rare occasions where I  will be in the bathroom and hear them audibly. 

Most of the times I hear them in my meditations as a male will deliver the messages that i need to hear. Yes I have heard women singing songs along with seeing a movie strip but most of the time its a male voice.

Songs are sometimes played to me to get a message across that the lyrics are important in the intention that was set for me or for another. This Clair is not as strong as my Clairvoyance.

As of 2014 – 2017 this aspect of my Medumship has really amped up as I can hear spirit so much more now than before as i am hearing them louder and able to recognize it more now and the confirms are coming more also.

Clairsentience 2008-2017

Clairsentience- Clear Feeling= This entails feeling a person’s or spirit’s emotions or feeling another’s physical pain. Many of us are clairsentient without consciously being aware of it. When we get a strong “gut” feeling, positive or negative, about someone we just met or when we get the “chills” for no apparent reason, we may be tuning into the emotional energy of a person or a spirit around us.

There are times but not often I can sense a spirit in the room.

May 7 2014- I asked in a reading for someone if I could feel sensations feelings etc and I felt my teeth aching a little bit and I told the person and they said they had to get the appointment done for their root canal.

February 8 2017- I went over a Reading I did for a woman and days before I was doing her remote reading by myself I had a shot of energy on the back of my left Calf muscle. I payed attention to this and when we went over her reading I had stated to her what happened and she went to to say yes she has a large bruise on her right leg calf area and showed me the photo of that shown below.  Spirit was drawing to my attention the physical feeling of the area on my leg to an issue she had mysteriously appear on her other leg in the same spot.

A confirm that I experienced with Clairsentience for a client from California I did a Psychic Reading for as she confirmed the area of her leg that I felt the energy on and she showed me this on her leg.

 Psychic/Mediumship readings 2014-2017

As of April of  2014 I am now starting to receive more confirms with my development and that is helping me relay back better confirming info to the person from wherever I am doing the reading for.

In 2017 I have completed over 85 readings thus far and while I still have room for more learning I feel I have done extremely well. I never ask anyone questions before and  only share with them what I see…hear..or sometimes feel..and its up to them to confirm or they may not know? Sometimes answers are given at a later date in time.

How I connect is I ask Spirit to connect for that person as one time I was purposely not given the real name of the person i gave the reading for nor did i know what the person looked like but still received compelling information about that person which in turn she befriended me later. I will do this work remotely by myself and just sit back with as little noise as possible and just wait to see and hear what comes in and repeat what i get back into a digital recorder. I forget what I hear and see so I can move forward on to the next message.

In October of 2016 I started to sit at my computer and keep my eyes wide open and listen for the messages to come in for someone’s reading and so far 2 readings in I have done very well in receiving the communication from Spirit and relaying it back to the person when I contacted them. My next step in this process is doing phone readings, something which I have never done in my life and I need to conquer my fears in that area.


 Claircognizance 2014-2017

Clear Knowing= This is when we have knowledge of people or events that we would not normally have knowledge about. Spirit impresses us with truths that simply pop into our minds from out of nowhere.
Instant knowing will sometimes precede a Clairvoyant image or follow it. Its very subtle but it explains to me what is going on when I see the image or the movie clip that was just shown to me and It’s like the info just lands in my lap.



Back in 2015 I was doing a remote reading for someone and I fell asleep and a dream came to me and the dream was confirmed by the woman later that one of her friends was the person i saw in the dream. Also recently i asked Spirit a question and fell asleep and received an amazing answer to her question about her family not being who they said they were.