Prophetic Dream Study Chart: 2007-2014

I made this Prophetic dream study chart to better understand symbols in my dreams and how they change from dream to dream, also it better helps me to confidently predict them more easier by knowing over time the possibilities that can happen in certain scenarios.  By building up a whole list of Prophetic dreams since 2007 will help me see more patterns and that allows me to learn more about myself and others. All of these dreams were posted ahead of time on Facebook or told to those i know ahead of time before they became Prophetic.

1. The short version title of the dream itself

2. The main theme outcome

3. How many days after from the time the dream was posted on Facebook till it became Prophetic.

4. Do i know the those that were involved?

5. Were some used in place of others ?

6. Was the location a known place?

7. Symbols used were they understood or not? also notes added about the dream or the outcome.

8. The Level of confidence when i posted the dream, the Percentage.