Psychic Medium Reading FAQ’S

Welcome to my FAQ’s page where I hope to answer any and all questions you have about the way the Psychic and Spirit Realm works with me and just how I will conduct my work for you. I will be 100% honest about what I as a Psychic Medium can and cannot do and try to not leave any stone un-turned  for you as I hope you will be a part as those before you on my continuous journey to learning more about Life and Spirit. 

Question?- What are my choices of type’s of Psychic/Mediumship Readings?

Answer- You can decide whether you would like a (1 Question Reading) a (2 Question Reading) or a (Full Psychic/Mediumship reading).

Question?- How do I sign up in getting a Remote Private Reading for myself?

Answer- There are a few ways you can contact me for a reading, one is directly through my website here using the contact page provided which can be seen at the top of my home page. Another can be through my Facebook page as you can just use the Message area to contact me as you do not have to be a friend of mine as I will receive the message there. Or you can email me at and I will receive your request there as well. You can also Email me at


Question?- What exactly is the process that you do before I receive a reading from you?

Answer- I start beforehand by surrounding myself with the white light of protection then setting up the intention of who I am going to do the reading for and ask my Spirit Guides to share with me Everything that you need to know at this point in your life. There are 2 ways in which I receive communication from Spirit, the first is Setting my intention for who I am giving the reading for, then I connect to my guides, Teachers and Angels and I ask your guides, Teachers, Angels and family and friends in Spirit to be present during my connections. I then will look up at a blank space at my wall and listen for Spirit to start talking to me, then I close my eyes to see if I receive any Visual images or short clip movies. Then I write down everything that I heard and seen down on a notebook  and after I spent about 20 mins gathering up information from Spirit I will contact you and we can go over everything that was given to me. A remote reading is I do all the work alone with Spirit and I don’t have to know anything about you whatsoever as all I need is an intention and Spirit handles the rest, then later we will discuss the outcome.

The second way that I connect to Spirit is that I sit down in a chair and close my eyes and surround myself with the White light of protection and ask my Spirit Guides, Teachers and Angels and your Spirit Guides, Teachers, Angels and your family and friends in Spirit if they wish to come forth to bring joy and healing to your life. I usually connect with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and sometimes Claircognizance anywhere between 5-7 minutes into the reading and my Clairaudience can be at any given minute from the time I start for you. When the information starts to come in I will repeat what I had seen and heard back into a digital recorder and immediately forget what I received and move on to the next set of Information that is coming in. I will normally sit blocking out all my thoughts and my eyes closed for about 30 minutes.

Question?- What kinds of Messages can I receive during this whole process?

Answer- I have done over 90 readings from 2014-2017 and during that time I have connected with deceased family members, friends and even one person’s Spirit guide who brought forth information for her that nobody knew about except the person I did the reading for. There are also messages that I will pick up from your Aura which will be from a Psychic Standpoint. This could be a Past event which could of happened hours, days or even 20 years ago or even a future event not yet known by you at the time I share with you the message, but may come at a later time. I trust completely what Spirit gives me for you and if anything does not hit you right off the bat I stress to people that if anything does not make sense to you upon the time that I deliver the message, give it some time because events have taken place from days to weeks to even a year later. Also sometimes it is wise to ask family members as they may know certain details that you may not of known. Example I gave a reading to a person and the Spirit said “Suffocational Purposes” to me. The person had no idea what that meant until they talked to a family member then the mother said that she lost her baby because the baby was strangled by her umbilical cord. Whatever messages I receive from Spirit or your Aura I will be repeating back exactly to you what I was shown or what I was told or felt.

Question?- Can’t You Find My loved one?

Answer- Sometimes people book a reading with a medium and they have specific deceased people in mind that they’d like to connect with. To my knowledge no medium in the world can guarantee that a specific spirit will come through during a reading. They will probably be able to connect with someone on the other side, but it may not be who you were wanting or expecting.

Some spirits do not have the energy to come through. It requires an adjustment of their frequency/vibration to connect with a medium and some deceased people just haven’t perfected the art. Stronger energies usually come through first. Some spirits do not want to come through for reasons of their own, many spirits simply choose not to communicate with the ones left behind on earth. Yes, even if you were your dad’s favorite, he may not want to.

Question?- If I am told something that I do not understand or cannot confirm what happens next?

Answer-  Again I stress the importance to people that not everything they hear will resonate right away as sometimes things take place in the future. Just recently a person I did a reading for told me that when i told her that spirit asked if she was going to start a business she told me back then no, then 13 months later she shared with me that she and her husband did create a new business. So far 13 months is the longest that it took for a event to take place that I was told about. Also there is the importance to ask family members like mom’s or dad’s or grandmother’s or grandfather’s as they have been important in confirming aspects of certain events that you may not of been aware of. And there are those messages that you get that you may never solve and this does happen from time to time.

Question?- What if I only want to receive 1 or 2 questions from you is that ok?

Answer- Yes that is ok and I will do the best of my ability to receive an exact answer from spirit through my Seeing and Hearing.

Question?- What if I cannot think of any Question or I am just not sure what to ask?

Answer- When someone does not have a question or is not sure what to ask, I always tell them that Spirit is going to give you for the most part the most important information that you need to know in your life right now or even someone you know that needs a message told to them. Some people that I have done this for have been given some really powerful information that truly has hit home.

Question?- Are there any guarantees that my deceased family members or friends will come in and share information with me?

Answer- Please know that I have no control over who may or may not come through during a reading and therefore I give no guarantee of who might come through. If the reading you seek is psychic in nature, please be aware that accepting to participate in such a reading indicates you also agree to be open to whoever may come through with a message.

Question?- What if I do not want to know about anything bad that might happen with someone I know or myself?

Answer- There have been times that I have been shown Injuries but not shown who they were for? or I have seen someone at the time of their death and how they died. When that happens that person is showing me how they died and it’s mostly a confirmation to how they passed. I have never told Anyone that they were going to die nor should anyone do so as my Spirit Guides to this day have not shown me anyone I have given a reading to die. When I am shown a bad event take place it could be something that has not happened yet or a event like a fire at a home that took place years ago. But more often times than not a Spirit is showing me the death or issue that caused them to pass over to the Spirit world. I have even connected with Spirits who have committed suicide in readings who had shown me their deaths.

Question?- How long does it take for you to complete a reading for me?

Answer- This answer depends on a few different variables and is a great Question! I have always found that If I am asking 1 question for someone I can usually achieve the answer in a relatively short time frame, but sometimes A question may be asked by someone for Spirit and they did not get a answer back. That can be because Spirit will not give them the answer to that and may want to have them make the decision to experience it on their own for a possible life lesson? If no answer is given by Spirit, then I will try again and offer another question on top of the other and see if something is shown to me by then. On the subject of my normal readings it can take anywhere between 1-4 sittings in my very light meditation for about 25 mins each to garner all the information that I feel is needed to give you a adequate reading. This also depends on my stress level or mood I am in that day as our Energies do affect our readings and the results, so staying grounded is very important on my part. My work schedule also plays a very important part in just how soon I can complete a reading for someone.

Question?- When will we get together to discuss everything that was given to you for me during my Psychic/Mediumship Reading?

Answer- When I am all done with your reading and I feel that I have given you enough information either Psychically,  from Spirit or both, then we have a few avenues to which we can thoroughly review your Reading. One is by Facebook messenger, another is by Phone or even Skype can be used to go over everything that I received during this process. It’s better to be in a somewhat live type setting so we can again thoroughly discuss the information that was provided to me. I will share with you exactly what I was shown, heard, felt, known and sensed and I will be starting out each topic with all of that and we can go from there.

Question?- I received a reading from you before will I be guaranteed another good reading or better next time?

Answer- Not everyone will get the answers they ask for in every reading and may not get a guaranteed amazing reading as I have no control over what i am shown or told. I will do the best I can do to make sure you receive the best possible results that you need in your life and as a example one time I did a reading for a woman and there was not much that she understood at the time, then the second time I gave her a reading it was one of the best readings I had even given anyone. There are no guarantees in your reading and if Spirit wants to share something with you they will and sometimes nothing is needed that you need to know of importance at that time in your life as it all depends on the person receiving the information.

Question?- Part of my reading says I can ask 1 Question, may I save that Question for another point in time down the  road and save it and use it then?

Answer- Yes you can save it for anytime in the months following your reading, and I will email you a note and I will send to you a confirm that you will be able to use your question at a later time.

Question?- What happens If my reading gets cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances?

Answer- If anything happens on my end or yours and your reading needs to be put off  for a later date then both you and I can discuss the options. If any unforeseen events take place beyond my control that I cannot spend time on your reading, then as soon as it’s possible to start up again I will, putting your reading at the forefront. I will not start another reading until the person that is waiting receives their’s first.