Psychic Or Mediumship Messages Given To Others- My Practice Sessions

One of the biggest mysteries to me was what is the difference between a Psychic reading and giving a medium reading as a medium reading comes directly from Spirit and a psychic reading is you reading the information within the persons aura. Here are some readings i have done in my development when i have been alone and asked for a intention for another person that could be anywhere in the world. At the present time i am not getting uploaded with a lot of continuous information but i feel one day i will receive more and understand it better. Also there will not be any real names mentioned her to respect the persons privacy and only the actual questions and what i was told or shown will be noted.

May 8 2012

Female1- What man will come into my life and make me happy? Can you tell me his name?

Todd- I heard a male voice say “Tony he plays music”

Female1 said “No! it can’t be Tony is my brother in law and he plays in a church”!

I told her you asked a general question so i was told a general answer as she wanted a response for love and i was told someone who would make her happy as she told me that her brother in law might be giving her a job within the next few months.



Female1- “Will i have another baby?”

Todd- I saw a round ball trying to go into a square hole.


Todd- I asked what is Female’s mission in life? I saw my self standing at the edge of a boat looking at the water and i heard “Titanic”



Female2- “can you tell me if my friend will talk to me again”

Todd- I saw a image of Mash potatoes and gravy, then i saw this large muscular guy with white hair get into a altercation with police as the police came at him. Then i was shown a face of a phone scrolling.

Female2- “That would be my step father who is tall and muscular with white hair and he did get into a altercation once with police.”



Female3- “could you ask about my life and my issues i have?”

Todd- I saw myself driving down a winding road with curves and woods on both sides.


Todd- I saw a female and two males up on a roof of a house ready to drive off.

Female3- “There are times when i feel like taking my own life and have thought of family also.”



Male1- could you ask about my job?

Todd-I was shown a foot with blood on it.

Male1- He told me his boss is wearing a cast boot on their foot because of a injury.

Todd-That told me that he should take over his boss’s job when that person leaves the company.



Female4- “Could you tell me if i should stay with my boyfriend?”

Todd- I saw a baseball player, then a woman crying, then a demon falling into a abyss.

Female4- “My son likes baseball and i do cry over my boyfriend and i sometimes feel there is a demon around my son.”



Female5- “Can you see if you can connect with my deceased daughter in law?”

Todd- I heard this female say “Why you Bitch”

Female5- my daughter in law and I used to call each other that for fun all the time to each other.


Female5- “Can you pick up something about my future maybe with meeting someone?”

Todd- I was shown a woman in water with a guy and a ball then I heard “psychatory hospital.”

Female5- “I work in a Psychiatric Hospital with mental patients.”



Female- “Should i leave my job?”

Todd- I heard “it’s un-chilled”, then i heard Mediterranean shelf”, then i asked for more and i heard “rape” and saw some guys hand move towards a females chest area.

Female- ” I was molested at one point in my life and i do work patients who some were rapists.



Female- “Will my ex get a maintenance reduction?”

Todd-  I started to spell in my head F-R-E-E dom then i said Freedom in my head.



Female- “Will my issues at work be resolved in my favor?”

Todd- I heard a male voice tell me “I like Sebastian”


Today was one of the most beautiful, loving confirms that Spirit has given me in some time i actually dropped to my knees and just thanked God for what i was given. Today i was doing my practicing work for my as i call them long distance alone psychic readings for this one person in another country and to the question i was to ask..i was given a answer of a name…little did i know that the name had a much significance to the person involved in a way where the answer was a object that leads to a place of peace. A name that is not very common but the confirm was to me very much the answer this person needed to hear. Now comes the biggest one..i was told by Spirit something today amongst my busy work day but i heard it. When i got home today my wife explained that when she was out at a physical therapy session she left and for some reason she cannot explain took the wrong exit and ended up in another area of town. But in that…this area houses one person whom when she drove by this person’s house she thought ooh this must of happened for a reason. When i got home she started to tell me this experience and that is when i dropped to my knees as i already knew as i was told what was to be told. I told her exactly what i was told by Spirit and she totally confirmed it to me as a unexpected showing of love and and confirm made not to just one person but 3 people involved touched to no end. I love God and Spirit so much i feel so blessed lately that i cannot hold it in.

This was the reply my friend gave to me on my Facebook page today

i can confirm this, as i’m the person that got the long distance message from Todd. the name he gave me is foreign, not irish and isnt something that could have come from anywhere other than my guides. thanks Todd, it was exactly what i needed to hear today. delighted to hear you’re getting such clear confirmations for others also xx

I received a beautiful message from spirit today, via Todd Sheldon. Thank you so much Todd. But that was only the beginning of it. That simple name started a chain of events for me that have led to this realization.

Now is the time. The Tuatha de Danann want their rightful place in the world to be recognized. They want to be acknowledged as the beautiful, wonderful, magical beings of spirit that they are. They want to be respected as the wise ancestors that they are. And they want us to respect their legacy and ourselves as their heirs. We are here to carry on their work. All who honor that will have their help and support in walking their path.



Female6- Can you tell me the name my father gave me as a Nickname?”

Todd- I saw a light blue house with a porch on it and wooden beams attached to it, then i heard water. Then i saw Godzilla crashing down into water.


Female6- I was in bed last night and my boyfriend was telling me that the movie that was most redone was Godzilla. I leaned over and just looked at him and he must of thought i was crazy.


Todd- To the father- “What do you want to say to your daughter?”

Todd-Ok nothing miraculous today i heard we are better than them and i was shown a blurry image of 3 homes close to each other no detail. And something said to me about when you kiss her??

Female6- The houses could possibly be the ones we lived in, in mason. I remember tornadoes coming there. 3 houses but not right on top of each other. As for the kiss, I’ve started saying to my daughter what my dad used to tell me my entire night when I kiss her goodnight?


Female6- “Which path should i take? I am at a cross roads”

Todd- I can give you exactly what i was shown the best i can…some days i see clearly other days not…today it came in as i was just about to give up and it was a set of legs not big this is why i thought of your girl…the legs were sideways in my view because i could see these shoes…i thought these are strange..but i only got to see them quickly..the vision didn’t last too long. I thought maybe clogs or something? the shoe did not look normal…low to ground…i wondered what the heck this was shown to me.

  • Todd- “the feet never moved.”

    Female6- It might make sense on what I was asking him.

  • Todd- “you were discussing maybe dancing?” or some pair of strange shoes or something related to the feet?”

Female6- “No but it sounds symbolic to what I asked.”

Female6- “Mainly the feet not moving.”

 Female6- “I did used to live in Germany.”

Female6- Clogs, the Netherlands but the feet standing still not moving resonates more then anything. And does make perfect sense on what I asked. No my question had nothing to do with Germany. But the fact that I used to live there sort of ties in to yes he is answering my question


Female6- “What is my life path? I am at the cross roads?”

Todd-two things..i saw a bobcat picking a feather off a i have to ask you a question? ? Were you ever married before?

  • Todd-I ask cause i heard having the same father in law.….

 Female6- Yes I was married before

 Todd-A snippet about money was involved but i have no idea why i was told or shown all that? You still close to your ex?

  Female6- Our child custody case is about to begin

  Todd-Ok now things make sense your dad was showing me the bobcat stripping the feather from the bird..the predator and the prey..i cannot know only you if this will be a bad case or a somewhat civil one. Now money was mentioned and the same father in this makes sense from what i was told and saw but…the question asked was not a remedy for you to know which path to take could this be a warning that your ex is going to play nasty?

Female6-  “Yes I’m sure he is going too. Has been the entire time.”


Female7- “Can you tell me about a man i know named Josh?”

Todd- I saw a blonde female probably about in her twenties and she was wearing a black hat and putting on jewelry and she was so happy and smiling.

Female7- I am very well known for my jewelry but that woman is not me and people have told me about him that he likes a lot of women and says he is not worthy of me.


Todd- ” Is there anything you would like your daughter to know at this time?”

I heard “they would be better of lying”

I saw a football player running between the tackles

i heard “It’s the birthday boy”

Female6- My brother used to play football and his birthday is coming up very soon.


Female8- “Who is the spirit who is smashing my Christmas Ornaments?”

Todd- I asked “who is smashing the Christmas ornaments in Female8’s cellar can you please come forward?”

I heard something about hitting him then i heard “no abuse” “no abuse”

I asked for more and asked again for the Spirit to please come forward and show yourself to me on who is smashing the ornaments.

I saw a woman from the neck down as she would not show me her face and looked like she was wearing a heavy coat or clothes then it looked like she fell down.

Female8- The Spirit activity seems to pickup in the house when my husband and i fight.

Did the woman wear a coat or sweatshirt? I think its my mother, she hated me when she died.


Female9- “Can you please tell me how am i going to settle the issues with my sister and our mother’s home?”

Todd-i heard “i am having a hard time”, then i was shown a black woman as she was just staring at me.


Female10- “Can you please tell me will i find another job quickly?”

Todd- I saw a elderly man come in and he was wearing glasses and he had no hair at all on the front of his head all the way to the back as it was white on both sides.

Female10- I think it’s my paw paw and i will look for a photo when i can to show you.


Female9- same question as on may 5

Todd- I asked for the deceased husband to come forward for this practice reading for his wife about the previous issue.

I heard some nonsense talk and brushed it off as it kinda took me back some thinking this has nothing at all to do with my question? Then i heard at the end “don’t forget the Maple Syrup?”

I told Female9 this information and we both believe because i knew his also that it could be her deceased husband who always joked around at all times and it was him. It would be further told to me that she had a few strange events only hours after i did that reading for her.


Female 11-What are my Paranormal gifts and what is my purpose with them?

Todd- I saw 2 Walking Dead clips shown to me,

Todd- I noticed my teeth started to hurt a little bit.

Todd- I heard “2 months don’t cry” or “It’s been two months don’t cry”

Female 11- Not sure on the Walking Dead? I have to call for my appointment for my root canal and we may have to cancel our visit to see family in July.


Female 11- same question.

Todd- I saw faint police car lights, then i saw 2 men fighting and i heard “one of the men’s heads will hit the fence or gate”.

Todd- I saw a woman eating corn on the cobb.

Todd- i heard ” do you go to church?”

Todd- I asked for a loved one to come in and i saw a chubby guy come over to me.

Female 11- My daughters ex boyfriend is harassing my daughter and her present boyfriend does not like it, so a fight could happen.

5-15-2014- 15 min break

Female 11- same question

Todd- I also asked if a spirit that she would know of to come forward with a message for her and  i heard the name “Heidi Holly” told to me.

Todd- to Female 11 do you know a female in Spirit named Heidi?

Female 11- OMG! Heidi is a young female spirit slave girl who was seen in her home by her daughter and after some research they found out that was her name.

Lunch break

Todd- Heidi can you please come forward and give a message to Female 11?

Todd- after 11 mins I saw a large house shown to me like down south.

Todd- Then i was shown a small black puppy.

Todd- I saw someone standing next to a horse with a knight sitting on the horse holding a jousting pole.

Female 11- the photo below taken at a renaissance fair a few weeks ago that they attended.



Female12- OK one thing I would really like to know is did any one person take my dog from my house and dump him on the highway …. my dog died recently and I feel like someone had something to do with his death.
I was thinking also if say the reading confirms some person had something to do with his death if possibly a name become of the reading as well ? would just be still wondering if it just shows that a person without a name was to be confirmed.

Todd Sheldon
Not much now on short time..i heard “backup security foundation” told to me and after I saw a yellow house..i will try again on my long lunch. Does someone you know live in a yellow house?

Female12- Well the yellow house must be mine, I have home security but not was on because I was home.

Todd Sheldon
Ok then…the house is yours the backup security foundation…..hmmm
Its a start..the home security was right but….why did i hear that??
may i ask why you think someone took him? And was the other dog in your home as well?
That is drawing your attention to backup using your system meaning by any means necessary..still. we need more
That worries me that spirit said it that way as spirit feels it may not be safe when not on maybe?? Still we need to do more work on this which i will.

Female 12- Because I have a few enemies in my life. I still don’t understand the back up security foundation? Yes the other dog I was looking after with its owner at my home in the back yard with my dog.

Todd Sheldon
i see……ok this is what my teacher feels it may be…her description of what she feels spirit was telling me…

Todd’s Teacher-“In my interpretation i would think it was drawing her attention to make sure her security is on and she backs it up with what ever means necessary x

Todd Sheldon
lets stop at this point.and let me allow spirit to give me more information….since we have gotten some already….lets get more for you dear….i think they showed me the yellow home so you could confirm to me…we are going in the right direction….if you have enemies..ok….lets just see what i get next…

Todd Sheldon
the back up security foundation may mean…just that…back it up…meaning…watch…be aware….just dont rely on that alarm system to keep people away…make sure doors are locked….just back that system up with added protection…as i said….be very aware.

Female 12- OK yep I understand …. that yellow house is 100 percent mine
I already know I’m unsafe in my home.

Todd Sheldon
I may be a beginner at doing readings…but i can tell you this…i trust my spirit guides 100% they do not lie to matter where you live…they know….ok then….then they are telling you to back it up….this could be a warning dear….please take it serious…..somehow someway…


Todd Sheldon
I was not at work today to give another try…but i had 15 mins at home..but i was trying to see with eyes open in doing it but i am not there yet…when i closed my eyes i thought i saw a Cadillac emblem….does this mean anything to you with anyone you know?

Female 12- Yes my son’s has a blue Cadillac.

Todd Sheldon
Do you get along with him? Not to say he did anything..just it came through

Female 12- No we don’t really get along ….I confronted him about my dog he looked me in the eyes and said he didn’t take him. The night before he died, me and my ex were arguing.

Todd Sheldon
I cannot say but i knew you were going to say that i can only tell you i asked spirit to who did it and i was shown a cadillac emblem.I can only share what i am told and surely only you can know inside if he was involved…i have given you what i feel is the answer but again dear please if he did..or didn’t..don’t look for revenge…if the truth does eventually come out..whoever it may of been.i don’t want you hurt.

Female 12- Thanks I really appreciate your time for doing this for me this was the only way I would ever know who truly did it I have 100% faith in your work. And I do know now what I suspected and for my ex that was his revenge on me. I pity for him and he will get his own one day because my dog who was innocent was sacrificed for his hatred. It will come back on him one day and he won’t even know why.