I was taking a class for my Mediumship development back in 2008 in Connecticut.As part of the class we were told that we would do a Shamanistic Ceremony ritual. Not long before that was to happen on November 12 2008 a close member of the teacher told me about a woman in Connecticut who had called the Teacher because there was something in her home that she said was scratching her. The student had thought that the woman was playing with something and a entity invaded her home. I was also told that not long afterwards the Teacher had something in her home that scared her real bad one night and grabbed holy water to protect herself. I was asked not to tell anyone about this event meaning students that were attending the home for classes each week. The night of the class I was asked to take the photos because the Teacher/Medium knew i had taken some very strange photos before, some of them taken with her. We were also told that night that we should wear black so that the Spirits within the fire could not see us during parts of the Ceremony. I actually nor my wife was too happy to find this out the night of the class as we should of been told beforehand. Here are some photos of the event and the  entities that showed up also along with the 10-12 people that were present. One of them is just the hand and the head wearing a pullover mask, with no eyes in the dark sockets. this one is just above and behind the teacher. I was told by a Demonologist that entities with body parts missing may be demonic. The other photo shows the upper torso with arm extending with the strange head in the back and the other woman, the Shaman teacher who went also to that woman’s house to help try to rid whatever was supposedly scratching the woman. Upon lightening the photos for it was dark and my Olympus fe-230 point and shoot was not the best camera for outdoor work at night but upon lightening the photos i saw them.  In finding these photos I questioned the student about these images and during our phone conversation I told her to have the Teacher tell the students of what transpired in her home with the entity that scared her. She told me these were not bad, but i thought and felt different that perhaps they were the ones that might of been at that woman’s house and were present the night of the Ceremony to make themselves known through my photos. Of all the photos
I took The Skeleton looking one only appeared in the one with the woman who was in her home one night weeks later and had the daylights scared out of her. I told the student and the Teacher that i was finished with the class because i wasn’t happy with keeping info like this from students who enter her home each week. One of the photos of the beautiful student has missing parts to her face and even though its dark some may say it distorts the faces but the face i see on that photo is almost a demonic look..i cannot say that is what it is..but it looks pretty strange. These are 100% real photos and are still on my memory card on my camera and much clearer on there also.