Spirit Photography

This aspect of my Mediumship was to me one of the biggest eye openers in my life which began in 2007. I studied my Spirit Photography Intensely by taking many photos at the same locations sometimes receiving Spirit images as proof for myself that these Entities and Spirit images taken were indeed real. The very first one was the most important one to me as it was taken by Telepathy and I just listened to what I had heard in my thoughts. It would prove to be the start of something in my life that would change my belief in things that some people don’t believe exist. It was also channeled by a Visionary Medium and she predicted things to come as she was 100% correct as it happened and would become one of the ongoing Experiences over time that has amazed me to no end. Some of the photos have been taken at home, or Cemeteries,  people’s houses, Paranormal events, Historic Inns, inside or outside day or night. Some taken with multiple witnesses present, and a few of my photos are still saved on my camera memory card and will never be used again because one photo I had taken the entity was seen in my third eye in 2008 and seen also by my wife in our home. That camera is not made anymore so I had to retire that camera from any future use.  I see more People getting involved in the field today with Spirit Photography and kudos to the ones who are the sincere and honest ones who can make that connection! I believe 100% in the photos that I post are genuine, and because the possibility exists that maybe a deeper connection is made with Spirit than with some who only choose to use the Scientific ways of Investigating and may not be open to Spirit. I have nothing against people of Science, I just choose to live my own life not dictated by those who say or those who follow that say… because it is written here this or that cannot happen. Perhaps notations written by someone who never had a Spiritual or Paranormal experience in their own personal life.

In 2013 I stopped doing this aspect of communication with Spirit as there were other avenues to which I wanted to concentrate on as i felt i had done enough work with this area and felt truly blessed at the results. Here are some of the many Spirit images that were taken over the years 2007-2013. To see all of my Spirit Photography you can click- here

UPDATE: OCTOBER 31, 2017 My wife and I were walking on the Halloween walk in the city of Kennebunk Maine that we live in. The city shuts down the street to vehicles and families all walk up and down trick or treating. The homeowners of these old homes dress up their homes and yards with amazing Halloween attire, but 38 Summer street didn’t do any of that and during this walk there was 1 house that captured me so I stopped to take a photo. The First photo I took showed nothing out of the ordinary, but the second one I took shows 1 male Spirit head clearly that the previous photo did not show. Next to him on his left is a very faint female head and below on the white horizontal panel on the house there seems to be a word shown on it which again is clearly not there in the previous photo taken. Someone in town at the Clerks office believes it’s early 1900’s or late 1800’s style writing.

Photo 1 where no ghosts can be seen near the home on 38 Summer Street Kennebunk Maine.

Image 2 where spirit and mystery word in white shows up near the wall of the home on 38 Summer Street Kennebunk Maine.

Before and After photos showing male Spirit head and mystery word below.

Color was added to the images already present to show clearer the Male and female Spirit.

38 Summer Street Kennebunk Maine larger image of Spirit heads.

I went to the Home the following morning and there were no words on that house trim or anything there that would come close to showing faces.

Male and female Spirit head shown at 38 Summer St. Kennebunk Maine Halloween walk.

2007 Suffield Ct. Spirit in Bedroom window.

Two Spirit faces captured between our bedroom doorway.

Spirit Photography The Yellow Arrow points to the Spirit head slightly tilted sideways.

Cedar Hill Cemetery Hartford Ct. Nature Spirits not seen with the naked eye.

Historic Wayside Inn Maryland, the Female Spirit looking out the window.

Wayside Inn Maryland Female Spirit partial materialized head looking out window.


Spirit head wearing hat looking in home.

Spirit Images taken at living room Cabinet.

Tenney Gate House and Castle Gate Ruins Methuen Massachusetts figure in white Paranormal event.

Tenney Gate House Castle Gate ruins Methuen Massachusetts figure in white Spirit.

Male Spirit reflecting off the glass in my cabinet.

Clear image of male spirit taken in home in Suffield Ct.

Shamanistic Fire Ceremony woman near the fire and Spirit within the Box.

Photo turned 90 degrees to the right shows hand and skull type head with no eyes in sockets and a torn head mask.

Shamanistic Fire Ceremony Upper Torso Spirit and the two women.

Spirit Photography Face with long hair and eyes closed.

Different color shows the Male face with long hair and beard.