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My Niece And The Psychic Reading:

My niece was born in 1977 and passed away in 2010 after a tragic situation took her life.The autopsy report said death was from cardiopulmonary arrest due to drug overdose. My wife and I have been visited by her and one night I saw her in a dream and my wife saw her standing near our bed. This was just one aspect of a Amazing reading i got along with extremely private things told to me by my father that were going on in my families life which to me validated this Medium 100%. The afterlife just continues to show that they are around us in all ways if we continue to be open to it.

Ethereal Alien Visitations- Photo Capture and Portal Experience Re Creation

It’s been over 3 years since that amazing portal light show with the being up inside it that i had the amazing honor to of witnessed. I was guided to make this short video and show the photograph that i had taken in 2008 of the Alien looking head in my home, the one i saw in my mind’s eye a few month beforehand. Then i re created a dazzling light show were in 2012 i was shown upon awakening a being in a portal in my bedroom and the strobe lights and sparkle lights that emanated from that hole in my ceiling that the being was up inside. I was fully awake as was my wife and she never saw it as she walked right under all the display

Theresa’s Recent Clairvoyant Vision:

My wife over the years has been given some really truly amazing Clairvoyant visions to see, yet a lot of them she does not understand? Some written word messages she has seen have come true now this one is really interesting….Are these Angel number meanings?? She has seen Angels in the past….anyone have any theories on this one??? At the bottom is was either pull down or pull out. As of now it’s 2016 and update as my wife continues to get amazing Clairvoyant visions at bedtime from the higher Realms.

Prophetic Dream of my dad telling me of a Bonus and i won the $$ Pool at work

I posted on April 12  on Facebook a dream i had on April 11 about my deceased dad coming to me in a dream and he put his hand out to me and said ” I got a bonus” well some days ago i hinted at what this would be about as the only thing it could of been was a pool i am in at work. Well i was pretty far back at one point and i said we shall wait and see. Well i started to get closer and i was 3 numbers back when one guy needed one to win. i got within 2 and then tonight i needed double 8’s to win the large jackpot. I told dad if this is coming true dad for my dream i need double 8’s tonight and they came!!! I am so happy but just as equally happy that when my dad comes in my dreams….usually they come true…. 

4-11-2014-Dream– I was with my deceased dad and he held out his hand and told me “I got a bonus” (may mean i am going to receive some unexpected $$).

Clairvoyant images seen by Theresa and what one person feels they are about

I had recently posted about some Clairvoyant images that Theresa saw in our room at night recently and a friend answered me back on what his views were on this and we both feel here it is very compelling in what he told me as we can both resonate and even Theresa feels so at ease knowing what he told us makes so much sense.
Theresa woke up the other night and saw 4 men on horses these are smaller images she saw in our dark bedroom and all of them raised their swords up high. then last night over the window she saw 4 wolf heads lined in a row, then at the opening of our bedroom a shadow figure walks in and Theresa is watching him in our large bedroom mirror as it is standing behind her. Then that one waves another one to come in the room and they are both holding hands. This is what was told to me a while ago and makes so much sense to both of us.

Many people will see the apocalypse in this, but not myself. I see the Four directions (see Native American Four Directions for more), and the Four Elements I sense in this as Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These are coming together for strengths for her at this time. They are very significant. The Swords to me signify strength and truth.The Horse energy brings about change and new horizons. New beginnings. Yet that they come in four is why I think your Wife is getting or needing new energies and enlightenment for all energies in some manner. The fact that four Wolf heads emerge is about Strength, Endurance, Family Connections and never giving up! The Swords about believing in her truth and standing for what she knows is the truth. These totem energies, elements, and signs are very spiritually driven, and are preparing her for what is to come of which I cannot see or that she is now dealing with. She has the strength she needs in this and everything is coming to her that she will need. I am sensing now that the Four Horsemen are about out with the old and in with the new, i.e., the new dawn for her and as it involves you!