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Psychic Reading About Child Abuse Victim:


 Tonight was Evident as to why doing Psychic/Mediumship readings for people has been the biggest blessing of my life since my Spiritual Development started. Tonight i went over a very brave woman’s reading in which she agreed i could share with everyone here on Facebook. The reading started out as Spirit told me and showed me this. I was told this “plans to fight back” then I heard “I knew that they were doing it”.
Then I saw people running about bedrooms or rooms and i think its about drama. I thought i saw someone running around room to room?
The woman knew immediately that this was about being Molested by her father as a child. She went on to explain later how her mother also became aware of this horror and became involved herself. She explained to me that she does not speak of this at all to anyone but said to me that she knew back in 2011 that there was a reason why I was to be in her life. See i did a question to spirit back in May of 2011 a day after her Birthday and in that I also heard two people’s names that did not make any sense or confirm to the subject i was asking about, yes a child hurt by his parent. But she saw this post and saw that the two names was her father’s name and her son’s name and that resonated with her for some time afterwards. She asked me for a reading back in September of 2015 and has patiently waited until now when i just finished for her and all this came to light with Spirit sharing this so very personal info with her. I honor and cherish anyone in this world who has been molested and abused by family or friends for they are the brave ones and i have met many in my lifetime who have experienced this type of horror.

Psychic Message Confirmed About A Possible Dangerous Man And Young Kids:

I just recently finished a Psychic reading for a woman and upon seeing this Clairvoyant message and hearing what I was told I knew something was wrong. I needed to stand back and allow the person to confirm only what i was about to say to her and if so then we could discuss it further. I saw this female coming down a ladder wearing a dress and i could see the view from below her rear end then the Clairvoyant vision ended. Then I heard a mans voice say…..((“That’s why they keep on trusting me”)) I felt it’s something that had to do with kids. In this mans voice he sounded kind of deceiving and confident in the way i heard this told to me. This was the response from the person i gave the reading to about a man. “There is a man who is around younger kids he does not know but goes there with other family members”. “He made a joke about a young girls butt as she was bending over” and “He’s deceiving in the fact that he can make himself seem like a better person than he actually is, the people will trust him because no one really knows who he really is.” We felt this is a very important subject and she told me she will now trust her gut concerning this man who obviously needs to be watched more carefully around younger kids and teens. As with all parents with children…watch them at all times as there are many sick people out there.