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The Visitors from 2007-2012 Are they Back 4 years later?

 It is now April of 2016 and there has been no communication that I have been aware of with anything to do with these beings since my last sighting in 2012.

The other night I experienced a dream that upon awakening I wondered because at one point in the dream I saw a small ship and a large lighted Crystal. The dream became very real at one point till the end and it was then in thinking about it that i started to wonder if they are back? Here is the dream I experienced and I will note in some dreams at some points they have become very realistic at some points within the dream.

4-26-2016- Dream– I am in a room and people are after me and then once the leader got to me the door opened and a bright light was shining through. This large Crystal looking mass with points on it  then appeared and came through the door.


It was at that point the scene changed and I looked up and saw a small 2 foot by 2 foot flying craft appear over head and then I heard a voice say “Lets have fun” and i thought the small craft was going to hurt me as it flew over my head.

Then the voice said “Boy and Girl” or “Boy and Boy” and a solid white wall was put directly in front of my face and I could not talk nor move.

I then felt a touch on my head and then a pop noise like the sound of a nail gun. Then another touch on the other side of my head and the Pop sound the same as the other. I woke up after that dream and it felt so realistic once the white screen was put in front of my face.

4-30-2016- I woke up in the early morning and my Closed eye Clairvoyance started showing me the squiggly images and symbols again, like writings that i had not seen in since we had our visitations some years back.

Airplane Dream- Another Prophecy?- Confirmed

There was a period of time where I was getting Jetliner dreams that I posted beforehand here on Facebook 6 PLANE CRASH/ISSUE DREAMS AND THE EVENTS THAT FOLLOWED THEM: 2-14-34-14-20-3 DAYS LATER.

Eventually they stopped as later events with Airliners that would crash or have issues in flight happened and i was not getting them anymore.
Last night i had a jetliner dream where I am driving down the road and i looked up and said that the plane is flying very low and should be going upward as it seemed to be descending coming from from Bradley International Airport and flying over water.I said maybe they are going to land in Westover Airforce base? I certainly don’t know if there will be any plane issues that may force a landing somewhere that hits the news or i hear about from these airports?? I will keep a eye out or maybe…its just another dream….



11-2-2015 i think i know the meaning of the confusion as to why i saw the Passenger airliner descending instead of going up? We just drove to the Charleston South Carolina Airport and what looked like a direct non stop flight on our paper which did not show any other stops than in Maine is in reality a landing in Baltimore first…then on to Portland Maine. I was totally confused on why she said we will be landing first in another state??


My Niece And The Psychic Reading:

My niece was born in 1977 and passed away in 2010 after a tragic situation took her life.The autopsy report said death was from cardiopulmonary arrest due to drug overdose. My wife and I have been visited by her and one night I saw her in a dream and my wife saw her standing near our bed. This was just one aspect of a Amazing reading i got along with extremely private things told to me by my father that were going on in my families life which to me validated this Medium 100%. The afterlife just continues to show that they are around us in all ways if we continue to be open to it.

The Dream Of My Deceased Aunt And The Confirmed Dessert

I recently had a dream in February of 2015 of my deceased aunt who had passed within 6 or so years ago. I had not seen her in many many years prior to her death as family was not that close that we visited like we used to in my younger days. About two weeks after my aunt’s death to which at the time i had no idea she passed i was visiting a friends gravesite in Westfield Massachusetts and when i was driving out my thoughts told me to drive to Northampton Massachusetts and try to find my aunt as i had heard before she was in a nursing home. When i arrived at one i was told she was at another one as last they heard and when i got there I was told she died two weeks prior. If i was not guided to drive there i would of never known she had passed and i knew listening to my inner guidance worked and it was time i needed to tell me mother, her sister. I never since i opened up to Spirit dreamt about my aunt in any way but the other night i did as we both were in a room together and all i could see was her head and she gave me a dessert which consisted of small marsh mallows and pineapples and cream. Then behind a door i heard voices both male and female in which i assumed were her children. When i called my mother the next day i asked her about the dessert and she said yes the marsh mallows and pineapple dessert as her mom used to make that for her sister and her when they were younger. I messaged my cousin who i had not talked to in about a  year and i asked her if everyone was doing good and that her mother came to me in a dream and usually only my father warns me of things to come. She told me her father was in the hospital having a surgery as he was not in good health and within hours of having her mother come to me in a dream was really telling. I would of never of known this about my uncle if my aunt didn’t show up in my dream as my father does to warn me of family things going on.

Prophecy Dream of my Facebook friend and possible Breast Cancer


5-7-2014- Dream- I was walking down the road with one of my Facebook female friends and i looked over to her and i noticed she was not wearing a top. She was naked from the waist up and i noticed something unusual about her breasts and as we kept walking together the singer Barry Manilow came out of nowhere and started singing the song Mandy as two people were hugging.
My facebook friend and I just discussed this dream i had of her and she confirmed to me that the song Mandy is the song of her life right now and her best friends name is Mandy who has been by her side.
She also shared with me that her issue now is her breasts and tests are being done as she had a lump for some time now. Also in this very important discussion was the fact that someone she knows who is psychic also had a dream about her about 6 weeks ago and she was topless next to him also as he mentioned to her he was worried about her. She says she has not been feeling well also over that period of time and this post most importantly suggests that all women should get screenings for your breasts in your life even if you may be scared something may be there i feel its important a subject as anything. I feel so blessed today to be able to share my dream with her and feel such a total love for this woman as i will so pray and put so much of my positive into our friendship and support her anyway i can….love her!!

March 20 2014 Dream of possible air show crash- Confirmed 3 days later

3-20-2014-Dream–I was in a house looking out the window and i could see planes in the air, then i saw 3 or 4 planes flying. It looked like i was looking at a tv screen because the planes from where i was looking out the window were close to me. I saw one plane do a flip like ones in the Air shows then one of the planes went down and crashed on the ground. I immediately started to run for the door to help at the crash site. I stopped then looked out the window again and it showed a night scene and i could just barely see the people that were around the plane like around 15-20 people standing there.

A nationally-renowned air show pilot who performed death-defying tricks for nearly four decades and was scheduled to be one of the centerpiece acts in this weekend’s New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest was killed in a plane crash Sunday evening March 23 in Eastern Tennessee, officials said.


3 days later  Jim Maroney was fatally injured en route to  the New Smyrna Beach Balloon & SkyFest

1-28-2014 A co workers deceased wife from years past visits me in a dream….2 times..

 I really find this interesting to the point where one of my co workers wife passed on in 2002 and i never even have her in my thoughts and she was in my dream. And weeks later here she came back to me like to give me a message about my health which is true.

12-20-2013- DREAM– I am sitting at a table and someone in a higher up position where i work was there and so was one of my old co workers who had passed away in 2002. As i was sitting a pc of paper was handed to my deceased co worker and she showed it to me, it was a check. she had told me to sign it up top and in the middle area also and i never looked at it to see really what it was?

1-28-2014- I was outside and there was a big gathering and i saw some co workers there as it looked like they were drinking. I was sitting at a table with a co worker and his wife who was deceased since 2002. She looked at me and said “you better get that cough checked” i looked at her and i told her i loved her.