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Dream Linked To My Past Life? A Big Life Question Answered

I certainly cannot prove or know for sure if past lives exist but I have experienced enough Strange Dreams and often times ones that became Prophecies to realize something is going on. Sometimes since my Spiritual awakening there has been a male voice that will speak to me  during a very clear Dream experience and to this day I have not found one lie told to me by him. Is he my Guide or my Higher Self? Here is a dream I experienced on January 10, 2018 that really hit me good which involved a woman i love dearly yet never met in person. A set of words that I had to Google just to get exactly what it was all about?


1/10/2018- The Jail Cell, My Friend And The Man’s Voice

I was in a building and looked into a room, the room was empty except I see a woman sleeping on a type of Thin mattress on the floor in the left corner. It was then heard a male voice say “Wicklow Gaol” to me then the woman turned her head so I could see her. It was my friend on Facebook and the look she gave me was of complete sadness and broken. I looked at her laying there and the dream ended right there and I woke up.

My Spirit Guide shares with me during my dream on January 10, 2018 the mention of “Wicklow Gaol” and My Spiritul friend I love so much was there in a sad state when she looked upon me. * likeness to my dream*

I knew instantly that there was validity to this dream because of the Man’s voice speaking to me and the fact I have heard him at times before with messages that proved real to me. When I got up I went downstairs to the Computer and looked up Wicklow Gaol and found out that it was a prison in Ireland. This became more intriguing as now there was one confirm with seeing my Spiritual Teacher from Australia and hearing “Wicklow Gaol” told to me.


History- Wicklow Gaol, Wicklow Ireland:

There has been a prison on the site since the late eighteenth century. It was extended in 1822 to a design by William Vitruvius Morrison and further extended 1842-3. It was closed down by 1900 but reopened to hold republican prisoners during the Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War; the last prisoners left in 1924. In 1995 it was renovated and reopened as a museum in 1998, claiming to be one of the world’s most haunted buildings, due to the long history of suffering associated with it. Prisoners were held at Wicklow Gaol during the 1798 Rebellion and the Irish Potato Famine, as well as many held there prior to penal transportation.

My Spirit Guides voice shares with me in my dream “Wicklow Gaol” which is an actual place in Ireland and was a Prison which housed men and women and children.

It was after reading this a few times I began to understand exactly what this was all about. Cindy and I became Facebook friends a few years ago and over that time our friendship has been incredible, based on trust, friendship and love. She has helped me tirelessly with my Spiritual aspects and I have helped her at times as well with herself. After my father passed in 2007 I started meditating and became Spiritual and during that time up until now I have gained this great compassion for certain women who come into my life.

I have always wondered why that this compassion is so great in my life that some women have told me that it sets me apart from other men. I feel I have this major responsibility again to certain women who come into my life and while it has not been all women, it’s been as I call the special ones. Those who have been broken or molested, abused or have seem to lost their way a little bit in life and need some direction. I note importantly that I have learned over time so much in regards to my Psychic Mediumship gifts from these people and have made mistakes and learned a lot of good during these times from 2008 to 2018.

Here are some Interesting points about this experience:

  1. The man’s voice who told me “Wicklow Gaol” has been off and on sharing things in my dreams and meditations now since 2008 and those words have been true.

  2. When I looked into the room there was my friend from Australia in my dream and the very first time that I had ever experienced a dream with her in it. Yes it was a prison cell that she was in laying on the sleeping cot or mattress on the floor.

  3. Wicklow Gaol does exist and upon Googling it I found that it was a prison in Ireland.

  4.  My incredible desire to help broken and hurt women in this lifetime after I became Spiritual and after years now of confirms with my Psychic Mediumship gifts.

  5. My Question of why do I have this passion to help women in my lifetime? To have this dream and the man share what he told me coupled with my Spiritual friend from one county and Natalie from Ireland who has been to Wicklow before. Then for her to give me a Past Life reading really touched me deeply and made so much sense to me and why I have so much love for Cindy now and women until I die.