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My Niece And The Psychic Reading:

My niece was born in 1977 and passed away in 2010 after a tragic situation took her life.The autopsy report said death was from cardiopulmonary arrest due to drug overdose. My wife and I have been visited by her and one night I saw her in a dream and my wife saw her standing near our bed. This was just one aspect of a Amazing reading i got along with extremely private things told to me by my father that were going on in my families life which to me validated this Medium 100%. The afterlife just continues to show that they are around us in all ways if we continue to be open to it.

March 20 2014 Dream of possible air show crash- Confirmed 3 days later

3-20-2014-Dream–I was in a house looking out the window and i could see planes in the air, then i saw 3 or 4 planes flying. It looked like i was looking at a tv screen because the planes from where i was looking out the window were close to me. I saw one plane do a flip like ones in the Air shows then one of the planes went down and crashed on the ground. I immediately started to run for the door to help at the crash site. I stopped then looked out the window again and it showed a night scene and i could just barely see the people that were around the plane like around 15-20 people standing there.

A nationally-renowned air show pilot who performed death-defying tricks for nearly four decades and was scheduled to be one of the centerpiece acts in this weekend’s New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest was killed in a plane crash Sunday evening March 23 in Eastern Tennessee, officials said.


3 days later  Jim Maroney was fatally injured en route to  the New Smyrna Beach Balloon & SkyFest