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The Visitors from 2007-2012 Are they Back 4 years later?

 It is now April of 2016 and there has been no communication that I have been aware of with anything to do with these beings since my last sighting in 2012.

The other night I experienced a dream that upon awakening I wondered because at one point in the dream I saw a small ship and a large lighted Crystal. The dream became very real at one point till the end and it was then in thinking about it that i started to wonder if they are back? Here is the dream I experienced and I will note in some dreams at some points they have become very realistic at some points within the dream.

4-26-2016- Dream– I am in a room and people are after me and then once the leader got to me the door opened and a bright light was shining through. This large Crystal looking mass with points on it  then appeared and came through the door.


It was at that point the scene changed and I looked up and saw a small 2 foot by 2 foot flying craft appear over head and then I heard a voice say “Lets have fun” and i thought the small craft was going to hurt me as it flew over my head.

Then the voice said “Boy and Girl” or “Boy and Boy” and a solid white wall was put directly in front of my face and I could not talk nor move.

I then felt a touch on my head and then a pop noise like the sound of a nail gun. Then another touch on the other side of my head and the Pop sound the same as the other. I woke up after that dream and it felt so realistic once the white screen was put in front of my face.

4-30-2016- I woke up in the early morning and my Closed eye Clairvoyance started showing me the squiggly images and symbols again, like writings that i had not seen in since we had our visitations some years back.