First off let me start with I've never met Todd as he and I "met" by being in a group for the band Dr. Hook. So there was no part of him knowing my day to day life, nor my past. When he did a reading for me I about fell over. He nailed it! He told me of private conversations I'd had with my deceased brother and husband. There's no way he could've known, I'd never told anyone. Please believe me when I say he is the real deal. Just amazing!
Rhonda Tolson
client/ Tennessee
My reading with Todd was a wonderful experience. My deceased loved ones reached out and left my heart full. He picked up topics that were personal to me that we were able to discuss and allowed me to open up and grow. There were some things that he indicated to me that have me hopeful for the future. I would highly recommend Todd for a reading. He is a wonderful caring soul.
I had such a fun reading with Todd and the comments and little chats that came through were right in and my most favorite and dead relative came through, too! Thank you, Todd, for such a fun time! www.imagerai.com  
I was lucky enough to get a reading from the beautiful Todd Sheldon, and Omg! he blew me away with so much info on 2 different murder cases. I am in Australia and the reading was done via inbox on Facebook and the messages Todd came through with only I understood exactly what it meant and realized he had info on 2 personal stories. One was my brothers friend who has passed and 1 was a young girl passed by brutal murder, Todd also had other messages for me and he just absolutely amazed me with his reading and was so accurate ..... I fully recommend anyone wanting a reading off Todd, such a beautiful and gentle man and amazingly gifted. I love following his dreams and premonitions on facebook and his Spiritual Journey is very inspiring.... Peace and Blessings to you and your family Todd and everyone... cheers ....Maureen from Australia
Maureen Hopkins
I've had the amazing opportunity of receiving two readings through Todd. I initially contacted him via Facebook about a reading and was put on a waiting list. During this time, the only communication between us was regarding my place in line. He knew absolutely nothing about me, including my real name. He had no idea of who I was, where I came from, what I looked like, etc. He simply knew my nickname. I friended him AFTER my reading and was simply amazed. Through spirit, he touched so many areas of my life that were available to only myself. The accuracy of both readings is by far the best that I have ever experienced. While there were some areas that I had no connection to at the time, there have been incidents that have risen and pertained to several of of those in question. He's such a kind, honest, fun loving soul and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Todd.
When Todd shared information about my deceased son and how he showed him how he passed I knew 100% he channeled that message to him. There is a lot of mystery surrounding my son's death to this day but I know the information presented to me proved my son is still around in my families life. Todd also shared about a dog and something that he saw that was wrong with it's eye and that was my Australian Shepard who went blind. She also passed of Cancer and was a loving member of our family, Thank you Todd for all your loving work you do for everyone.
Linda M.
Louisiana, United States
Todd was right on top with my Reading. He knew things that no-one but myself knew from years ago. He has a great "Gift"..
Donna Honeycutt
United States
After my reading with Todd i felt total faith in what he had told me.The confirmations were very accurate and described my father and my darling deceased dog spot on. He by doing this reading gave me so much comfort about them both and that perhaps they had a re-connection during their passings. At all times I found Todd very professional and believable to a tee and would never hesitate to have him read for me again.
Sidney Australia
Todd was able to tell me things he would have never known if he wasn't gifted. I have been able to make choices in my life based on what my reading was, and my family and I have been better for it. Thank you Todd.
Massachusetts, United States
Very accurate reading and the part about a person choking on Beans, that was my brother. The Riff with Randle is probably my other brother ronald, its on going on his part. I was amazed how right on each part was to what is happening in my life and past, Thank you.
Barbara Luce
Michigan, United States